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Students from 2 Philadelphia schools recorded using racist language in social media video

Twas the eighth day of Black History Month when a group of white Catholic school girls were called out for an absurdly racist video mocking Black people.

The girls were seen putting on blackface and yelling racist remarks. Now, they’re being investigated by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

“Earlier today, it came to our attention that a handful of our students posted images and videos on a social media platform of a racially charged nature. As a Catholic educational institution that seeks to form Women of Faith and Integrity, we view racism as a mortal sin. There is no place for it in our hearts and minds there is no tolerance for such behavior at Saint Hubert’s. We are extremely disappointed to learn that anyone associated with Saint Hubert’s would act in such a manner, which is entirely inconsistent with our values.” 

The school released a statement to the community.

In the video, the girls are laughing as one douses another in black spray paint. The one holding the spray can shouts, “You’re a Black girl. Know your roots, it’s February! You’re nothing but a slave.”

Following that, the other girl, who at that point looks like she’s fallen in chimney soot, responds, “I’m Black and I’m proud!”

Two additional photos of the blackfaced girl were posted, one with a Black History Month sticker.

Following the circulation of the video, St. Hubert’s president and principal responded in a statement and confirmed three of the girls in the video were students at the school.

The school also says the issue is being investigated, and the students involved will be disciplined in accordance with the school handbook.

Anti-racism protesters gathered outside the school to protest the incident.

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Written by Jamil Johnson