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Kansas Kid Accused After Punching And Yelling Slurs At A Black High Schooler In The Hallways

Kid Accused After Punching And Yelling Slurs

Kansas Kid Accused After Punching And Yelling Slurs At A Black High Schooler In The Hallways. The brawl took place on November 15 at Shawnee Mission East High School in Prairie Village, Kansas.

Kansas Kid Accused After Punching And Yelling Slurs At A Black High Schooler In The Hallways. Brey’anna Brown, a sophomore, is seen on video saying, “Walk away.” “Don’t say anything unless you come to say it to my face, because I’m not going to do it with you,” she said to a kid who was walking away behind her.

That youngster can be heard saying, “Man shut the f— up.” Several students nearby inquire in surprise, “Who said that?” and Brown doubles back to confront him.

The man, who looked to be white, then turned around and yelled “me” twice, followed by the N-word.

He removed his bag and advanced aggressively toward Brown, pushing her, and the two began punching one other in the face many times.

The attack lasted around 20 seconds and was stopped by adults.

The male student, who the media is not identifying because he is a child and has not publicly spoken out, was charged with aggravated violence on Tuesday. According to the criminal complaint, he “knowingly cause[d] great bodily harm to another person or disfigurement of another person.”

His first court appearance is set for December 6. The media has contacted an attorney on his behalf.

Brown informed Kansas City media station that she had been suspended from school.

“I feel like outside of myself for doing what I did,” Brown went on to say. “I’m upset that I got suspended.”

She said that she did not anticipate the fight, but in the moment, “I chose to stand up for myself.”

It’s unclear what sparked the fight or if the two kids knew one other.

The Shawnee Mission School District issued a statement Tuesday saying it was “saddened by this incident,” but it made no mention of the kids involved or their penalties.

“While we are unable to share specific information about the incident or the District’s response, we want to reassure the community that we take proactive steps to create a safe educational environment in which every student feels a sense of belonging.” This involves a significant amount of effort to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion. “Unfortunately, children make big and small mistakes every day,” according to the statement.

KSHB reported that hundreds of students at the high school engaged in a walkout on Monday with posters reading “protect Black women” and “Protect students of color.”

Linyka Brown, Brown’s mother, expressed her sorrow at her daughter’s death.

“It hurt my heart and made me mad,” she said to the broadcaster. “It hurt my heart for my daughter because I didn’t want her to have to ever go through that.”


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