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Historic Moment: Virginia State University to Host 2024 Presidential Debate

VSU will host the second presidential debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced VSU will host the second presidential debate. A groundbreaking achievement for black education in the USA! The Commission on Presidential Debates has designated Virginia State University (VSU) in Petersburg as the inaugural historically Black institution or university (HBCU) to host a general election presidential debate. The second general election debate for 2024 is scheduled to take place at Virginia State University (VSU). An enormous accomplishment for the Black community is this.

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced VSU will host the second presidential debate. VSU President Makola M. Abdullah expressed gratitude, stating, “We are honored and grateful to have been chosen as a host for a 2024 Presidential Debate. This is a historic moment for our university and for HBCUs nationwide.”

The selection of VSU is part of a broader initiative by the Commission on Presidential Debates to diversify debate locations. Other selected venues include Texas State University, a Hispanic-serving institution, scheduled for September 16, and the University of Utah on October 9. Additionally, a vice presidential debate will take place at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania on September 25.

“In 2024, students at our four debate sites will help bring another set of historic conversations to audiences here and abroad. And their campuses will anchor four unique chances to listen and learn,” the commission stated in a release.

This announcement emphasizes the commission’s commitment to providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives, allowing students from different backgrounds to actively engage in shaping the national discourse.

The Republican primary candidates have engaged in debates hosted by the Republican National Committee. It is certain that this debate will be of significant importance and will convey a great indication of the strength of both of the party involved. It is to be noted that former President Donald Trump didn’t take part in any of the GOP debates.

The upcoming presidential debate doesn’t bear the significance of historic location only. It also amplifies the opportunities to grab the wide audience. As 2024 election is closing fast, these debates will shape the public opinion. Voters will get closer insights from these debates about the viewpoints of the candidates and their election agenda.

Whole nation is waiting for this significant debate to start as all are hoping for a fruitfull debate that will address both critical issues and close insights to the electoral process.


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Written by Anthony Peters