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Teen Learns Cpr At School Rescues Infant From Drowning On Thanksgiving

Teen Learns Cpr At School Rescues Infant

Teen Learns Cpr At School Rescues Infant From Drowning On Thanksgiving. “I was just thinking let’s get this kid alive – no one else understood CPR,” Madison Atkinson recalled. “I was just like, let’s get this baby.

In the wake of conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on her three-year-old cousin who was on the verge of drowning in the family pool on Thanksgiving, a young woman from California is being hailed as a hero.

Teen Learns Cpr At School Rescues Infant From Drowning On Thanksgiving. According to footage captured by a home security camera, on November 23, three-year-old Maxine made her way into the backyard as the Atkinson family was preparing breakfast.  She then proceeded to enter the pool without being aware of her presence. After around four minutes, Maxine’s uncle discovered her floating face down in the water.

“She was pretty much lifeless,” Kirsten Atkinson stated in a statement to the media today.

Atkinson said that her daughter Madison Atkinson, who was 15 years old at the time, stepped into action and began doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) when Maxine’s uncle started screaming for assistance.

“Madison’s just pumping away for a couple of minutes, and finally, Maxine starts to open her eyes and start to breathe,” according to Kirsten Atkinson. The dispatcher said that she should be placed on her side. And as soon as we did that, Maxine opened her eyes and began to breathe on her own. That was the moment.

She also stated: “The entire time Madison’s there just calm, cool, collected, not panicked.”

Following the arrival of the paramedics, Kirsten Atkinson stated that they inquired about the age of her daughter.

“Their faces were just like, this could have been so different,” according to her. “They commended her and they said that, you know, she has performed a miracle.”

Madison Atkinson, who is the captain of the junior varsity cheerleading team at her school, mentioned that she had learned cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in a sports medicine class.

“I was just trying to remember what I’m supposed to do,” stated the woman. “I was just like let’s get this baby alive — no one else knew CPR.”

According to the mother of the adolescent, the occurrence, as well as her daughter’s ability to save lives, provided her family with a great deal of reasons to be grateful on that particular day.

“Is it true that we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving in a manner that was distinct from us? “It was about how things can change in the blink of an eye and how precious life is,” she added. “It was about how things can change in an instant.”

Kirsten Atkinson was quoted as saying that Maxine has made a complete recovery, and she also said that their whole family has committed to completing CPR training.


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