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Shocking Video Allegedly Captures School Employee Hitting Nonverbal Autistic 3-Year-Old, Sending Him to the Floor, Says Attorney

The footage from August shows a staffer at the Rosa Parks Early Learning Center in Dayton picking the youngster up by his ankles and dragging him down the hallway with his head toward the floor after the boy had been placed on the ground.

Since then, the district has decided to terminate the employee’s employment. Attorney Michael Wright, who represents the boy’s parents, said that his client’s son is autistic and does not speak.

“The actions seen in the clip are contrary to all employee training, do not promote a culture conducive to learning, and are not tolerated in Dayton Public Schools,” 

David Lawrence, the interim superintendent of Dayton Public Schools, said in a statement. “The clip contains inappropriate behavior that does not promote a culture conducive to learning.”

As stated by Lawrence, parents and guardians should be reassured that the individual in question is no longer employed, even though the district is prohibited from publicly commenting on particular personnel problems.

“The safety of all students and staff members is the utmost priority of the district, and we appreciate the support of families as we work to provide a safe school environment for all.” [Case in point] “The district’s top priority is to ensure that all students and staff members are safe.”

According to the district and Wright, the case attorney, the event took place on August 21.

Taneshia Lindsay, the mother of the kid, said that it took her three weeks to get the footage of her “autistic son being assaulted on his second day of school” in a post that she shared on Facebook on Monday. The post included the video.

“I’m not suggesting that Rosa Parks Elementary School is horrible. “I’m also upset with DPS (Dayton Public Schools) because you’re the ones doing the hiring and the placement of the staff,” Lindsay wrote in a Facebook post the following day. “My son trusts his teachers, and other staff love what they do and work really well with the kids.”

After seeing the film for the first time in my life, it has crushed my heart and harmed my emotions. I want justice for my child since he did nothing to deserve what happened to him.

Rosa Parks Early Learning Center and Dayton Public Schools, but she has yet to receive a response from either institution.

The Dayton Police Department turned over the Case to the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office, which is now investigating the allegations to determine whether or not any criminal charges would be brought.

The youngster’s parents are contemplating taking legal action, according to Wright, who represents the parents.

According to Janice Sadler, a representative for the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services, a traumatic experience such as the one shown in the film would be distressing for anybody, particularly for a kid with a handicap.

“It is imperative that every child, regardless of whether they have a disability or not, be cared for in a manner that promotes their full potential,” According to Sadler; because of this, the adults and caretakers in their life need to demonstrate compassion, maintain their composure, and always react in a manner that helps to create trust.

It is essential to remember that children with impairments often want more care and patience, particularly those with difficulties speaking.

On Wednesday, the school district released a statement in which Lawrence said that the district will take measures to guarantee that all 2,300 of its workers are “properly trained and qualified for their positions.” In addition to that, he said that he would meet with worried parents the following week to talk about the situation.

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Written by Anthony Peters