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NBA YoungBoy’s Ex Alleges Shocking Attack Involving Their Son

YoungBoy ex regarding an incident

NBA YoungBoy ex regarding an incident involving their son. A serious allegation has been dropped against rapper NBA YoungBoy of domestic violation by his ex and mother of one of his children, Arcola. According to Arcola, she was assaulted badly by two women who she assumed were hired by Yooungboy himself. Youngboy and Arcola have bad blood between them over the custody of their son, Kaell Gaulden.

Arcol used her social media to protest against this incident. In a series of posts on X (formerly known as Twitter), she revealed the harrowing details of the attack, claiming that NBA YoungBoy instructed the two women to assault her. Her first post contained these shocking words:

NBA YoungBoy ex regarding an incident involving their son. “Watch who you have kids by. My son’s dad let his whres, yes, whres with an S because it was two of them, weak ss hes. He gave them an order to get me. My son was in my hands. His dad just sat back and watched. SMH.”

The alleged attack is said to have been triggered by a disagreement between Arcola and the “Right Foot Creep” artist. Arcola explained that the dispute arose when she asked NBA YoungBoy to keep their son for an extended period. She posted alleged text messages between them, where she wrote:

“Mind you I dropped my son off at the end of August. He wanted me to come get him two weeks into him being there. So I told him to keep him two more weeks. He was pissed. I just feel like if you ain’t gonna help me financially, you gotta help physically.”

In the midst of these tensions, Arcola shared text messages that appeared to be from NBA YoungBoy’s wife, Jazlyn Mychelle, showing that the rapper refused to provide the necessary funds for her to travel to Utah to bring their son home. Notably, NBA YoungBoy is currently on house arrest in Utah.

However, she alleges that upon her arrival, she was brutally attacked by women who were seemingly taking orders from NBA YoungBoy.

In a chilling social media post, Arcola shared a picture taken in the ER, writing:

“I would be wrong if I pressed charges on y’all for doing me like this with my baby in my hand. But karma gonna eat y’all *sses up. I got my son back; I’m happy. That’s all that matters, for real. Five stitches later. And her punk *ss fist ain’t do that; shorty had sum.”

“Letting your child’s mother get hit in the face with a gun is crazy.”- Arcola remarked.

NBA Youngboy hasn’t responded to the incident yet. Fans are eagerly waiting for him to respond about this matter.


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