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Festivals as a Reflection of America Marks Juneteenth

Festivals and festivities are being held all throughout the country to commemorate Juneteenth, the anniversary of the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. These events honor the Black community’s challenges and victories over the years while reflecting on America’s development.

“It was a terrible day,” Barber said. “For it was a day folk found out they had been lied to. They got two extra years of bondage. When they found out, they were not happy. They decided that now we gotta fight, sure enough, for full citizenship.”

In addition to acting as a stimulus for crucial discussions about freedom, equality, and the ongoing struggle against racial injustice, Juneteenth serves as a potent reminder of resiliency. People from diverse backgrounds can come together and learn from one another at festivals that feature energetic performances, art exhibits, historical displays, and community gatherings. These gatherings promote harmony and understanding as well as a shared respect for the difficult-won equality and freedom that Juneteenth symbolizes.

Recognizing that the past is never really past, the Rev. Lorn Snow of Detroit said at Sunday Mass: “The struggle’s still not over with. There’s a lot of work to be done.”

As America commemorates this important day, the significance of Juneteenth grows, motivating thought, learning, and a dedication to building a more equitable and inclusive society for everyone.

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Written by Jamil Johnson