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Oprah Winfrey Addresses Alleged Taraji P. Henson Feud After “The Color Purple” Star-Voiced Concerns About Production

Oprah Winfrey Responds to Criticisms

After a series of comments made by Taraji P. Henson, who plays the lead role in The Color Purple, Oprah Winfrey attempts to set the record straight.

Despite being a well-known female performer, Henson has been speaking out about the difficulties she has encountered in Hollywood.

She mentioned the compensation gap and said she had to struggle for a driver to transport her to the musical set. The former cast member of Empire made her statement.

On social media, Winfrey, an executive producer on the film adaptation of the Broadway musical, became a hot topic, and many people asked why the media mogul did not interfere in the situation.

I was told that I was trending the day before. Winfrey said this in an interview with the media at the Golden Globes. “People were saying I was not supporting Taraji,” she claimed. “Taraji will tell you herself that I have been the greatest champion of this film’s production, championing not only the production behind the scenes but also everything that everyone needed,” she said.

She continued by saying, “Whenever I heard that there was something that people needed, I knew that I was not in charge of the budget because that is Warner Bros., that is the way the studio system works, and we, as producers, everybody gets their salary that is negotiated by your team.”

Winfrey reaffirmed that if she “heard there was a problem with the cars” or “with the food,” she would “step in and do whatever I could to make it right.” She also said that Henson “would vouch for that and say it’s true.” A specific statement accompanied Winfrey’s statement.

As an additional point of interest, she said, “I am all for everybody being the greatest and meeting the rising of their own life.”

During the picture call at the Empire State Building, Winfrey also addressed the reports that she and Henson had found themselves in a contentious relationship. During that specific day, the former host of a daytime talk show said it was chilly, and she was attempting to keep herself warm.

The statement made by Winfrey was, “There is no validity to the idea that there is a thing between Taraji and I.”


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