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NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ disappointing meet-up with authorities about the Migrant crisis

NYC Mayor Eric Adams disappointing meet-up

NYC Mayor Eric Adams disappointing meet-up with authorities about the Migrant crisis. NYC Mayor Eric Adams met with authorities in Washington DC for migrant crisis purposes to get more funds but returned disappointed.

Despite his previous trip being unexpectedly cut short due to an FBI raid on his fundraiser’s home, Adams documented his coach flight to meet with officials from the Biden administration and address the pressing issue of the migrant housing crisis in NYC.

To secure additional funding for his city, the mayor is now conveying the message

NYC Mayor Eric Adams disappointing meet-up with authorities about the Migrant crisis.”We require assistance, following the arrival of 3,600 migrants in just the past week and the subsequent housing shortage.”

His most recent visit coincides with a critical period for the city, as it grapples with both a housing and migrant crisis.

As of early December, the number of migrants arriving in New York City had surpassed 150,100 since the spring of 2022.

Adams has declared this situation a humanitarian crisis and enacted a state of emergency. He has warned that addressing this issue could potentially cost the city around $12 billion over three years.

In his most recent video, he expressed, “This marks my tenth visit to meet with government officials and congressional leaders, and the main objective is to convey a poignant message of ‘we desperately need assistance’.”

He made it clear that both he and the residents of New York City are infuriated. He emphasized the inappropriate use of our tax dollars to address a nationwide issue.

The mayor has persistently appealed to the federal government for additional funds to aid migrants and openly criticized President Biden for supposedly letting the city down by not taking more decisive action.

As a result, the city has been compelled to convert hotels, school gyms, and office buildings into temporary shelters. In extreme cases, some individuals have even been relocated to tent cities on Randall’s Island.

Initially, when Governor Greg Abbott of Texas started sending buses to New York City in August 2022, Adams’ spokesperson expressed their support by stating that “New York will continue to embrace asylum seekers wholeheartedly.”

However, a year later, Adams completely changed his stance, stating in September that “I cannot foresee an end to this situation. It will have devastating consequences for New York City.”

He is scheduled to meet with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, and FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell.

However, his previous trip to DC was canceled abruptly when the mayor had to return to NYC due to the FBI raiding his top fundraising adviser’s home. The meeting with senior White House staff, including mayors of Denver and Chicago, went on without Adams.

The investigation into his campaign finances by the FBI is still ongoing, and neither Adams nor anyone in his campaign has been charged with any crimes.


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Written by Aliyah Collins