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Forest Whitaker’s Ex-Wife, Actress And Producer Keisha Nash, Has Died At The Age Of 51

Ex-Wife Actress And Producer Keisha Nash

Forest Whitaker Ex-Wife Actress And Producer Keisha Nash, Has Died At The Age Of 51. Nash-Whitaker lost her fight with anorexia after a protracted period of time.

According to reports in the media, Keisha Nash-Whitaker, who had previously been married to Forest Whitaker, an actress who had won an Academy Award, passed away at the age of 51. It has not been determined what resulted in her passing.

Together, the couple had a mixed family consisting of their two daughters, Sonnet, who was 27 years old, and True, who was 25 years old. Additionally, Forest has a son named Ocean who is 33 years old, and Nash-Whitaker has a daughter named Autumn who is 32 years old.

 Forest Whitaker Ex-Wife Actress And Producer Keisha Nash, Has Died At The Age Of 51. True posted a touching tribute to her mother on Instagram,  she had wrote, “Dear Mommy, farewell. Always and forever, I will adore you.”

“ Possibly the most beautiful lady in the whole planet… I am grateful to you for teaching me anything that I am not aware of. Her words were written as follows: “I will see you in my dreams, and I will feel you in my heart.”

Nash-Whitaker was a model, in addition to being an actor and a film producer. She was born in Boston. Having made history by being the first African American model for Tommy Hilfiger, she was signed to Elite Model Management as well as Ford Models.

Who is an entrepreneur, In collaboration with her boyfriend, the makeup artist A.J. Crimson, Nash-Whitaker was the one who came up with the idea for the premium cosmetic brand known as Kissable Couture.

Aside from that, she was a part of the cast of the film “Proud” in 2004, and she was also an executive producer on the film “Kassim the Dream” in 2008.

When she was working on the set of the movie “Blown Away,” in which she and Forest portrayed a couple, she first met Forest. Over the course of the following two years, in 1996, they tied the knot in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

As part of an interview with the media, Nash-Whitaker reflected on the first attraction that she had with Forest.

In the year 1997, she made the statement that “He is very honest, sensitive, and romantic.” He did not impress me with his worldly possessions; rather, it was the manner in which he expressed his feelings that captivated me.

According to a person who talked with the media, Nash-Whitaker “battled anorexia for years.” It was Forest and her children that served as her support system during all of her hardships.

In addition, she checked herself into a rehabilitation center in Chicago in the year 2014. According to the source, Forest remained by her side during those trying times; nevertheless, shortly after that, he filed for divorce.

In 2018, Forest filed a lawsuit, stating disparities that could not be reconciled. 2021 was the year when the divorce was completed.


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Written by Aliyah Collins