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Chef Charlie Mitchell Has Earned His Second Michelin Star For His Restaurant Clover Hill

Mitchell Has Earned His Second Michelin Star

Chef Charlie Mitchell Has Earned His Second Michelin Star For His Restaurant Clover Hill. Chef Charlie Mitchell, a 31-year-old Detroit native, has been at the helm of Clover Hill, which has earned a Michelin star for the second year in a row.

He is the first black chef in the US and New York City to receive a star, placing it restaurants five times larger than Clover Hill.

Chef Charlie Mitchell Has Earned His Second Michelin Star For His Restaurant Clover Hill.Mitchell’s culinary crew follows a nightly ritual of getting ready to taste food just before dinner service, inspired by his training and pure gut.

Mitchell describes himself as an intuitive cook, focusing on cooking with what feels right and good. He moved to New York City at 25 and initially felt intimidated by the young, fast-paced kitchens of his native Detroit.

However, he believes that on-the-job training is more valuable than textbooks and student loans.

Mitchell took over Clover Hill in Brooklyn Heights as executive chef and partnered with Clay Castillo. Eight months later, the culinary school Dropout was awarded a coveted Michelin star.

Mitchell was relieved to have his restaurant on the platform, as it helped him understand the restaurant industry better.

Mitchell’s journey to success in the restaurant industry was cloudy at the time, but when Clover Hill was on the platform, it made him feel like everyone now understood his work.

He believes that his training and pure gut have allowed him to succeed in some of New York’s most prestigious restaurants, including 11 Madison Park.

Hill retained his star at BP, a fine dining restaurant in New York City. The restaurant’s focus is on creating the perfect bite and leaving people wanting more.

The menu features a team-heavy prep room beneath a 26-seat dining room, where most of the dishes are engineered. The first bite is a miraki sweet potato, followed by a grilled lobster salad topped with marinated salmon.

The portions are small to create the perfect balance of flavors, and each bite on the 12 course tasting menu packs a punch. Chef Mitchell layers these tastes by having imagination and trying as much food as possible, listening to others’ preferences, and understanding what people like.

Some dishes include black pepper cornbread with soy egg fudge and dry age beef, hokido scallops with miso pear Wasabi, ston Mill grits with oi and cherry blossom, Norwegian king crab and black truffles, Japanese mackerel topped with caramelized cabbage puree and mushrooms in a brown butter broth, and a steamed shark skin flounder cured in miso.

The final bite is a light bite of fish, butter, and caviar, served with a sake bur Blanc with radishes chives and caviar.

The dessert menu includes pineapple sorbet, coconut coconut spuma, a trifecta of sweets, and housemade vanilla matalines. Chef Mitchell has written his own path, learning the hard way and carrying those lessons with him.

He is 31 years old, an old soul, and his grandmother taught him how to cook. His mom is the one person he thinks got him into chefing, but she listens to him and makes him listen to his advice.

Hill retains its star due to its focus on creating the perfect bite and allowing guests to enjoy a variety of dishes. Chef Mitchell’s journey has been filled with learning and growth, making him a beloved chef.


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