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Jada Pinkett Smith Says She’ll “Never Leave” Will Smith After His “Holy Slap” As Actor Seen With Jada Lookalike

Jada Pinkett Smith Says Oscars Slap

Jada Pinkett Smith Says Oscars Slap Made Her Realize She Will Never Leave Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith, who had a nearly 30-year marriage, were remade by a public scandal at the 2022 Oscars.

The couple was seated before a global TV audience when comedian and host Chris Rock joked about Pinkett Smith’s shaven head due to alopecia.

Smith ascended the stage and slapped Rock’s face in front of a global TV audience, which was the moment that remade their relationship.

The couple split up six years prior, and Pinkett Smith revealed this in a podcast she co-hosted, Red Table Talk.

In the book, Pinkett Smith is frustrated by the bad press she received and the sympathy for her ex, dreaming of being a werewolf and tearing her husband to shreds and eating him.

A man claiming to be Will Smith’s former personal assistant said he walked in on the star having sex with actor Duane Martin in a dressing room when they appeared together in The Prince of Bel-Air in the early 1990s.

Smith has called the claims “unequivocally false.” She believes Will was not ready for their split to be revealed, and she took the bullet for it.

Pinkett Smith’s memoir, Worthy, describes her extraordinary journey to Hollywood, where she landed significant roles in films including The Nutty Professor, The Matrix Reloaded, and Collateral.

She first encountered her future husband in 1994 while auditioning for a guest-star role in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She initially thought Smith was too cheerful but now feels she has had to do a lot to become the mother she wanted to be.

In 1997, actress Meghan Markle and actor Will Smith were in a successful marriage. They had a lavish life together, with Smith receiving $40 million for his role in King Richard.

However, 14 years into their marriage, Pinkett Smith planned to take her own life by driving off a cliff. She was unhappy with her relationship and felt she could no longer be human.


Before this, Pinkett Smith had tried various therapies and pick-me-ups to manage her mental torment, including solo backpacking, goddess gatherings, meditation, and golf.

A friend recommended ayahuasca, a plant-derived psychoactive drink believed to have therapeutic properties, which saved her from suicidal thoughts. After accepting the glass, she experienced incredible universal love and never felt suicidal again.

The Smith family home is an hour from Harry and Meghan’s in Montecito. Prince Harry described taking psychedelics as fundamental to helping him deal with past traumas. Meghan, however, has not tried them.

Will Smith’s choice of men is a theme of Worthy’s life. She likes artists, bad boys, intellectuals, and “in-bed guys.” The slap between the couple and their children at a publicity event in Baltimore for Worthy’s book, Don’t Try This at Home, has revived their relationship. Pinkett Smith plans to write a book with Will to resolve universal issues between the male and female sides of their relationship.

Despite her estimated family fortune of over $350 million, actress and singer-songwriter Jennifer Pinkett Smith has transformed into an “urban nun” by forswearing sex, alcohol, shopping, and entertainment depicting violence.

She spends time meditating or reading passages from the Bible, Koran, or Bhagavad Gita, believing that simplicity is best.

In her Worthy memoir, Pinkett Smith shares her experiences with celebrities and complicated relationships with men.

She believes wealth and fame are not awful, but our perceptions of what they can deliver are unrealistic. She believes wealth and celebrity should be amended to serve the soul better.

As Christmas approaches, Pinkett Smith has learned to say no to large showbiz parties and organizes simple gatherings with her family, including her husband, Will Smith, who is getting older and needs attention.

She believes they are a family that needs to look out for one another and will always be.

The couple may be fixing their marriage, but Pinkett Smith recently moved out of her Calabasas mansion and bought a house nearby. She believes that women want to define themselves on their terms, not just about men.

The couple’s relationship has been strained due to their age and the need to care for each other.


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