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Will Smith Steps Out With a Woman Who Looks Like Jada Pinkett Smith

Smith Steps Out With a Woman Who Looks Like Jada

Will Smith Steps Out With a Woman Who Looks Like Jada Pinkett Smith. Will Smith hangs out with Jada Pinkett Smith’s lookalike, fueling relationship rumors.

Will Smith Steps Out With a Woman Who Looks Like Jada Pinkett Smith. The “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” actor was photographed with a mystery lady who resembled his wife again.

Trouble is inevitable as the Smiths continue to deceive their fans about their marriage.

Will Smith smiles at Jada Pinkett Smith’s replica upon second sight.

Will went out again with the mysterious lady who resembled his wife of over 30 years. Despite their distance, they visited the same Art Basel exhibits in Miami, South Florida.

Will wore a white polo shirt over black cargo trousers and shoes to the occasion. While wearing a brown belted jumpsuit, his mystery mate showed off her curves. She added dark sunglasses and bejeweled black footwear.

As they enjoyed the art fair with pals, the two appeared comfortable despite not walking side by side. Will smiled cheerfully while talking to his friends, revealing nothing about his connection with Jada’s doppelganger.

Pictures of the two visiting Miami’s Art Basel are here.

Will and his female friend had made two appearances after being discovered at the high-profile event days earlier. After the concert, the mystery lady walked behind Will, making them closer than usual.

The actor wore a gray-striped shirt, cargo trousers, and shoes to the art event. Jada’s lookalike wore a white top over flared jeans, open-toe heels, and sunglasses to match her friend’s casual attire.

The only lady walking with Will was the mystery woman. According to eyewitnesses, the duo departed the event in a limo and subsequently ate at Lucali with pals.

Will saw Jada’s copy months after the “Red Table Talk” presenter revealed stunning marital details. In her book “Worthy,” the mother of two stated the husbands had lived apart for years.

The couple’s lifelong relationship may have ended, but Jada reversed course in a recent interview. The actress kept fans speculating about her relationship by stating she would never leave her ex-husband.

Will’s Oscar Slap Saved Their Marriage, Says Jada Pinkett Smith

The “Gotham” actress said her relationship with Will was still strong after their 2016 breakup because of his Oscar slap. “I nearly didn’t even attend the Oscars that year, but I’m glad I did,” Jada said in an interview.

“I call it the ‘holy slap’ now because so many positive things came after it,” the TV personality said, adding that Will’s Chris Rock drama improved their marriage. According to her, “that moment of hitting the fan” reveals your true self. After years of wondering whether I would leave Will, that smack made me realize I would never leave him. Who knows where our relationship would be without that?”

After buying a neighboring house, Jada left their Calabasas mansion six years before the Oscars while divorced from Will. They work on their relationship even if they no longer live together.

The mother of two said she would always support the “Men in Black” actor, and they are working on a book. Jada said, “Will and I plan [to write] a book called ‘Don’t Try This at Home’.”

“He traveled. I traveled. The performer said we want to compose something where he puts the masculine side, I put the female side, and these universal concerns are handled. She also commended Will for having all her ideal male traits.


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Written by Jamil Johnson