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Keke Palmer Opens Up About Her “Unraveling At The Seams” With Baby Daddy Darius Jackson

Keke Palmer life unraveling Darius jackson abuse

Keke Palmer life unraveling Darius jackson abuse allegations. Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson’s court appearance on a temporary restraining order against him was delayed until December 5 to allow them to attend mediation.

Keke Palmer has spoken out about her famous relationship problems with Darius Jackson.

Palmer, 30, posted a video on Instagram on Sunday showing her cuddling her 9-month-old son, Leodis “Leo” Andrellton, while the camera wandered around them. The video was set to the song “Seeing Green” by Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Lil Wayne, and Palmer included a message written in the film that seems to address how she fears outside onlookers may interpret her recent court proceedings against Jackson, 29.

Keke Palmer life unraveling Darius jackson abuse allegations. “When reality TV makes everyone believe all celebrity lives are just one big marketing strategy and scheme, but my life is truly unraveling at the seams, and I just wear trauma like a [Dolce & Gabbana] coat because Sharon didn’t raise no b****,”

Palmer said in the video’s caption.

In the caption of the post, she said, “Alexa, “Play Mary J: MY LIFE,” reportedly an allusion to Mary J Blige’s 1994 song “My Life.”

Palmer’s article looked to be about the temporary domestic violence restraining order she obtained against Jackson in November. According to records obtained by the media at the time, the actress was also given interim exclusive custody of her kid in November after detailing repeated claims of physical abuse in a Los Angeles County court file.

A hearing in the matter was planned for Tuesday, Dec. 5, but Palmer and Jackson recently asked that the date be moved to “allow the parties time to attend mediation” beforehand. According to papers acquired by the media, the former couple agreed in that request that the provisions contained in the original temporary restraining order “shall remain in full force and effect” until the hearing is rescheduled.

Palmer’s post garnered a lot of love in the comments from her renowned pals. In one response, SZA said, “We are praying and riding for you regardless!!” Teyana Taylor also expressed her support.

“MY GURLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL and add a good purseeeee to make the garments pop cause you in ya bagggggggggg sis!!!” Taylor, 33, left a comment.

According to a source close to Palmer, the temporary restraining order against Jackson “remains in full force and effect and will not be dropped” even after the early December hearing was postponed.

“Keke will continue to protect her safety and the safety of Leo above all else,” a source told media. The source further said that Palmer “agreed to mediation because the case has gotten so much speculation and media attention, and she is concerned about her privacy, Leo’s privacy, and the privacy of her family.”

“Her preference is to resolve the situation privately rather than in open court, if possible,” a person familiar with the matter said. But, if that isn’t feasible, the hearing will go as planned, and Keke will go to whatever length to guarantee a safe and healthy result for herself and Leo.”


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