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Tyler Perry Accused Of Not Paying Viral Meme Star Antoine Dodson For “Madea” Cameo

Tyler Perry Accused Of Not Paying Viral Meme Star Antoine Dodson

Tyler Perry Accused Of Not Paying Viral Meme Star Antoine Dodson For “Madea” Cameo

According to Antoine Dodson, he did not get any compensation for his participation in “A Madea Christmas.”

Antoine Dodson, who is better known as the hero of the “Bed Intruder” meme that went viral all over the internet, has claimed that Tyler Perry did not pay him to appear in the movie A Madea Christmas.

It was reported by Dodson that Perry had made contact with him, and a verbal agreement had been struck. Nevertheless, it is said that Perry never followed through with his promise to compensate Dodson for his actions. So far, Perry has not provided a response to the charges.

Approximately three years after Dodson gained widespread popularity, the film A Madea Christmas was released in 2013. The character of “YouTube Guy” is ascribed to Dodson in the movie.

However, there has been some degree of apathy on the part of supporters. The fact that Dodson is going after Perry now that he is “broke” has been the subject of some tongue-lashing.

Dodson has been accused by other people of making the assertion that there were offers of compensation when in fact there was none agreed upon.

On the other hand, Dodson is not the only one who is going to pursue Perry. Fans have been left speechless when a recent episode of Tyler Perry’s Ruthless included a brutal sequence that depicted gang rape in a clear and explicit manner.

The scenario was included in the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of the long-running drama about a lady who is trying to obtain freedom from a religious cult that engages in sexual exploitation.

despite the fact that the program has often faced difficult subjects. On the other hand, this particular moment seemed to go over the limit for a few of spectators.

Furthermore, the reaction to the scenario in Ruthless has traveled far beyond the pond, which has caused the ripples to spread far beyond the pond.

In addition, fans criticized Perry for appropriating the narratives of women while simultaneously demonstrating that she was causing damage to them intentionally.

Specifically, this was shown by the reaction to the first photos of Six Triple Eight that were made public. The film, which is directed by Perry and stars Kerry Washington, chronicles the tale of the 6888th Central Postal Directory unit, which was an all-Black and all-women overseas unit that served during World War Two.

The Six Triple Eight was the only mostly all-Black Women’s Army Corps unit that served during the Second World War. It is a piece of military history that is often ignored, despite its significance.

On the other hand, many people have questioned whether or not Perry is the one who is directing the project, particularly in light of the most recent episode of Ruthless. Quite a few people have pointed out that the fact that a guy is directing the tale about a neglected period in the history of women is not lost on them.

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