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Tragic Incident: 10 and 12-Year-Old Cousins Charged with Beating 3-Year-Old Girl to Death

10 and 12-Year-Old Cousins Charged with Beating.Two Baton Rouge, Louisiana, cousins aged 10 and 12 are accused of a horrific crime. Young males, whose ages are unknown, are charged with murder for violently beating 3-year-old Blessing Buckles.

On February 12, a child called 911 to say Blessing was not breathing and no adults were present. Since the caller didn’t provide an address, Baton Rouge police had to knock on homes.

After arriving home, Blessing’s mother, Dineshia Yates, and the 10-year-old’s mother, Terica Scott, told authorities they left eight children alone at a casino while gaming. A shocking 11-month-old baby was neglected, revealing the seriousness of the condition.

Her cousins, who were in charge of her care, allegedly killed Blessing, which is heartbreaking. The two guys’ vicious assault killed Blessing, who had a brain bleed and considerable bruising.

Since Blessing’s family had lived with Terica Scott for two weeks before the tragedy, the situation is dire. Scott allegedly failed to avoid such a tragic conclusion while knowing her nephew’s history of child abuse.

Blessing Buckles’ tragic demise has shocked and dismayed the community.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said, “My heart breaks for this child lost too soon, and I pray for the others involved.”

After Blessing’s death, the 10- and 12-year-old cousins were charged with violence and second-degree murder. The East Baton Rouge Juvenile Detention Center holds them throughout legal processes.

The suspected children’s moms, Dineshia Yates and Terica Scott, also face principal to simple battery and second-degree murder allegations. Both ladies had criminal backgrounds, casting doubt on this tragic event.

Dineshia Yates was charged with theft and property damage, while Terica Scott was charged with arson and murder but not indicted by a grand jury.

As the community mourns this horrible loss, questions remain regarding caregivers’ duty to protect vulnerable children. The tragic death of Blessing highlights the need for vigilante protection of innocent life.

The circumstances behind Blessing Buckles’ sad death reveal a disturbing picture of family neglect and abuse.

At 10 and 12, the suspected culprits should have been protected from such horrible acts of violence, making Blessing’s death more tragic. Instead, they are accused of a heinous murder that has shaken Baton Rouge and beyond.

The fact that Blessing’s cousins, who cared for her, allegedly killed her highlights the gravity of the matter. It raises serious questions regarding family neglect and abuse and emphasizes the need for greater awareness and intervention to protect vulnerable children.

The community is grieving and in amazement as the judicial proceedings develop. Blessing’s death shows how familial neglect and abuse kill children and how institutions must change.

After Blessing’s death, there is a greater need to address child abuse and neglect and offer safe and nurturing families. Lawmakers, community leaders, and residents must collaborate to prevent tragedy.

The case has also raised awareness of early intervention and help for crisis-prone households. Communities can prevent tragedies like Blessing’s by helping families overcome obstacles and get proper treatment.

Blessing’s experience also emphasizes the need for attention and accountability to protect society’s most vulnerable. It highlights our shared obligation to help all children grow up in safe, nurturing surroundings free from harm.

In memory of Blessing Buckles, the community fights for justice, accountability, and systemic reform. We can create a future where every child is respected, protected, and thrives by working together.


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Written by Jamil Johnson