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Dallas PD: Game Room Robbery Suspect Fires 11 Shots at Officers; Second Suspect Apprehended

Dallas police responded to a robbery call at an illegal game room early on February 11 and had a terrifying encounter.

Dallas Police Department body camera footage shows police encountering armed criminals fleeing the scene.

Officers responded to robbery reports at the illicit gaming establishment. Two suspects fled on foot as they arrived.

Reginald Curry, 23, a robbery suspect, turned and fired 11 shots at officers during the pursuit.

Officers exchanged gunfire to capture Curry and stop the threat.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia praised the officers’ bravery and dedication to community safety. In dangerous situations, the policemen showed great courage and determination.

Chief Garcia stressed the importance of the encounter.

He said, “They were trying to save their lives.” “You had someone they wouldn’t release. Their target was trying to kill them.”

The shootout left Curry with leg and chest bullet wounds, leading to his arrest. Curry’s criminal past and gang affiliation clouded the incident despite his arrest.

Curry was arrested with three firearms, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation and the possibility for more violence.

Second suspect Horice Williams, 33, was arrested by Dallas police on February 14. Criminally convicted criminal Williams faces unlawful restraint and stolen firearm allegations.

The event underscores the risks law enforcement officers confront daily in protecting and serving the community.

As investigations and legal actions continue, the Dallas Police Department remains vigilant to protect the public and hold criminals accountable.

Officers involved in the shootout are on administrative leave pending the inquiry. The encounter was intense, but no cops were hurt.

The shootout is Dallas’ first officer-involved shooting in 2024, highlighting law enforcement’s unpredictability and risks.

Chief Garcia reaffirmed his department’s commitment to fighting illicit game rooms. He stressed that such establishments typically operate beneath the radar, endangering customers and law enforcement.

Dallas police actively seek out and shut down illicit gaming rooms, which often operate in plain sight. Chief Garcia stressed proactive ways to prevent criminals from targeting disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The firefight shows how difficult it is for law enforcement to combat organized crime and illegal activity. Officers maintain public safety and uphold the law despite the risks.

The robbery suspects’ arrest sends a message that Dallas does not tolerate crime. It shows the dedication and professionalism of law enforcement officers.

Authorities are carefully gathering evidence and holding those responsible for the game room robbery accountable. The suspects were apprehended quickly due to law enforcement-community collaboration.

After the shootout, Dallas residents are encouraged to assist law police to keep neighborhoods safe. Communities can prevent crime and protect residents by working together.

The tragedy underscores the hazards of law enforcement and the necessity to support those who risk their lives to defend others. Dallas police are dedicated to community service and safety.

“They fought hard to stay in. If this scenario teaches us anything, great.” – Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia

Authorities will update on case developments as the investigation continues. The suspects’ arrest is a major step toward justice for the victims and accountability for the perpetrators.


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Written by Jamil Johnson