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Lil Scrappy Claims Bambi Benson’s Behavior Was So Egregious His Therapist Said People Wouldn’t Believe It

Lil Scrappy Claims Bambi Benson's Behavior

Lil Scrappy Claims Bambi Benson’s Behavior Was So Egregious His Therapist Said People Wouldn’t Believe It.The rapper was advised by his therapist that it would be in his best interest to keep his ex-wife a secret.

Bambi Benson, who was Bambi’s ex-wife, has been criticized by Lil Scrappy.

A reality star and rapper said that Bambi’s conduct was so atrocious that his therapist aggressively forbade him from commenting about her. Bambi was the subject of the rapper’s accusation.

It was their request that I not tell you everything. What they stated was that you should not tell anybody because nobody would comprehend it.

According to Scrappy, “because the individual would not behave in such a manner in front of other people.”

It goes without saying that this is not the first time that Scrappy has made a verbal attack on Bambi.

Over the course of the previous month, Scrappy responded to the internet claims that Bambi is in fact his cousin.

“Please do not bring it over here with you. Scrappy revealed this while livestreaming when she was dining at a restaurant. “She is baby mama number two to me,” she claimed.

My children are the only thing that I have in common with her whatsoever. All of you are aware that I adore my children.

That is the only topic that we are able to discuss,” Scrappy informed the audience during the live. A response was given by Scrappy to the criticisms that he had read on the internet.

During the course of his webcast, he was not explicitly questioned about the allegations.

On the other hand, there were other individuals who inquired as to whether or not he had seen individuals discussing it.

During a recent interview, Lil Scrappy said that he has “always been in love” with Erica Dixon, even while he was dating other women.

This proclamation of love, on the other hand, did not save the rapper and reality star from the wrath of the internet.

“I’m so in love with you I got married and had 3 kids instead of working on myself and becoming the man that you needed, got it ,” a single individual said.

This is such a horrible thing to do. Was he in love with another lady the whole time he was wedded to the woman he got married to? It would have been sufficient for him to just wait until she was prepared to respond to his actions.

“If my boyfriend told me that he was still in love with me after he had married another woman and given her three children, I would feel so bad about it. I would be so disgusted with him,” another person said. “I would feel so bad about it.”

Since at least Thanksgiving, there have been rumors circulating that the two are going to get back together.

Due to the fact that they have been involved with one another for more than a decade, it is only natural that they already have a kid together.

Nevertheless, Dixon has made it quite obvious that the primary focus of her attention at the time is finding a model of co-parenting that is effective with Scrappy.


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Written by Jamil Johnson