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Travis Scott Hypes Up His Next Album: “I Gotta Kick Into A New Gear They Think It’s Play Time”

Travis Scott Hypes Up His Next Album

Both “JACKBOYS 2” and his tour recordings would be welcome from him; we are prepared to receive either one.Travis Scott hypes up his next album.

After an absence of over five years, Travis Scott’s fans were eager to hear him once again, and his new album, UTOPIA, did not disappoint.

Over the course of all that time, he experimented with his characteristic psychedelic sound, which received a great deal of praise from his followers as well as a good number of evaluations from reviewers.

He went on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies of the album as well as merchandise, and he was able to make the Circus Maximus Tour a huge success without any problems.

Fans are still captivated by songs such as “I KNOW?,” “FE!N,” and “TELEKINESIS,” amongst others, about seven months after the release of the album.

Despite all of those remarkable achievements, Travis was still unable to win his first GRAMMY award. This was despite the fact that he had already achieved a great deal. After that, UTOPIA would end up losing the award for Best Rap Album to Killer Mike’s MICHAEL in a manner that was both disheartening and respectable.

Travis had already started working on new songs with the intention of bringing something even greater to the table, even before that source of encouragement. Throughout his travels around the United States, the multi-hyphenate performer from Houston posted photographs of himself recording backstage.

“B4 every show,” “Boston im trynna record back here,” in addition to “R u in my brain or what ????” He gave us just a few hints about a new record being worked on, and they were the only ones we received from him.

By means of Instagram Stories, La Flame is now providing us with more content. Just a few hours before, Scott expressed his enthusiasm for music by saying, “I love music so f*****g much.”

And just so there is no confusion. When we return, we shall be back. They are under the impression that it is time for play, so I need to go into a different gear. In addition, he said, “The entire cactus gang is not a snapper.”

Is it possible that this is a clue about a JACKBOYS 2 tape? The second of Trav’s comments was followed up by him expressing his approval of the song “You” from Don Toliver’s album Life of a DON.

This is the most information that we have at this moment; however, we are hoping that we will soon get the exciting news that a new album will be released this year.

In his Instagram Story, Travis Scott hinted to the release of his next album. What are your views on this? Are you of the opinion that he will give up this year? Initially, which tape would you want to have, and why? Do you still listen to UTOPIA, and if yes, which songs are still on your playlist?

We are interested in hearing what you have to say, so please be sure to share your thoughts in the comments box. In addition, make sure that you are constantly up to date with Hardknocknews for all of the most recent information about Travis Scott. L

ast but not least, it is important that you remain with us for all the other happenings in the world of music.


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Written by Anthony Peters