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Memphis Woman Arrested for Child Neglect After Posting Disturbing Social Media Videos

Memphis Woman Arrested for Child Neglect

In Memphis, Tennessee, 30-year-old Jasmine Moss is accused of ignoring her 5-year-old daughter by engaging in illegal activities. Hair removal business owner Moss allegedly posted videos of her child waxing naked people on social media.

Shelby County, Tennessee police have Jasmine Moss in jail. Memphis Police Department says Moss faces child negligence charges with no bond.

Over 80 concerned residents contacted authorities about Moss’s social media activities last week, including unsettling videos.

“Not safe, let alone legal. You have no idea what people do at home. Their house should be clean, but you don’t know.” Professional Esthetician Valerie Yates

It appeared that Moss’s daughter applied hot wax to multiple nude women’s bodies to promote her hair removal services. The Memphis Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force examined the child’s illegal videos and photos.

Police issued Jasmine Moss’ arrest warrant after assessing the evidence. On Tuesday, authorities arrested her for the disturbing social media remarks.

WREG reported that Moss ran her hair removal business from home in Memphis. Moss reportedly boasted online about her daughter earning $700 by cleaning 24 clients’ hair. Moss removed her inflammatory social media posts after receiving outrage.

Memphis esthetician Valerie Yates called Moss’s conduct hazardous and illegal. Unsanitary conditions and unskilled staff pose problems, thus Yates stressed cleanliness and professionalism in the beauty sector.

The case highlights the importance of social media vigilance and responsibility. Call authorities immediately to report child abuse and neglect. In over 170 languages, the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline offers 24/7 confidential support.
The Memphis community is shocked by Jasmine Moss’s child neglect charge. Citizens and professionals have condemned Moss for allegedly exploiting her daughter for commercial gain and exposing her to improper situations.

This child neglect case emphasizes the significance of protecting children’s wellbeing and innocence. A young child’s involvement in activities beyond their comprehension and emotional capacity poses major ethical and legal concerns, leading law enforcement to act quickly.

Memphis Police’s quick response to the public outcry and thorough investigation demonstrate the community’s dedication to protecting vulnerable youngsters. Authorities are sending a message that such terrible behavior will not be condoned by quickly apprehending Jasmine Moss and filing charges.

Jasmine Moss’s case has raised awareness of social media’s risks and the necessity for online safety in addition to legal penalties. The accessibility of sharing content on multiple platforms emphasizes the need for caution and accountability in digital settings, especially when preserving children’ privacy and dignity.

Moss’s alleged exploitation of her daughter for financial advantage highlights societal challenges relating to business ethics and professional standards. Trust and integrity are crucial in the beauty and wellness sector, where practitioners must follow tight guidelines and ethical practises to protect their clients.

As the judicial processes progress, authorities must prioritize Jasmine Moss’s daughter’s safety and provide her with the support and attention she needs to overcome her suffering. The young child and her family may need therapy from child protective services and mental health professionals at this difficult period.

Finally, Jasmine Moss’s imprisonment reminds us of our parental duties and the moral duty to safeguard and nurture children. Communities can build safer conditions for children to live and grow by holding individuals accountable and raising awareness of neglect and exploitation.


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Written by Anthony Peters