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NLE Choppa’s Daughter Does The One Bad Word Challenge

Choppa's Daughter Does The One Bad Word Challenge

In reaction to that, his daughter had a remark that was very wonderful.

Parents are the focus of one of the most hilarious viral phenomena that has lately been spreading across TikTok. Choppa’s Daughter Does The One Bad Word Challenge

Because of this, the challenge is based on their leaving the room with the promise that their children would be allowed to speak one inappropriate word while they are gone.

There have already been instances of rappers gaining control of transgender people, with a wide range of outcomes.

The NBA Youngboy’s kid was given the opportunity to participate in the challenge, and he used more than one foul term.

In a humorous response, his mother said that he “did too much” when she returned to the room. The son of XXXTENTACION, on the other hand, did not take advantage of the occasion to utter any derogatory comments at all.

NLE Choppa is the most recent rapper to participate in the challenge to date. He arranged it with his daughter, and she did take advantage of the opportunity to apologize, but she did it in a manner that was maybe the most sweet and courteous way that could possibly be imagined.

In the comments section, fans couldn’t help but remark on how lovely Choppa’s daughter is in the video. There were two of the most popular comments on the post note, which were “She is so polite” and “I done awwwww she said it so politely.” Follow the link below to see the lovely new video as well as the responses of fans to it.

Over the course of the previous month, NLE Choppa lent his support to a peculiar rap feud. Yasiin Bey made an appearance on a podcast and provided a description of Drake’s music, stating that it is more similar to pop than rap due to the fact that it is played in shops while people are shopping. During the dispute, Choppa defended Drake and defended his rap credential. He came to Drake’s side.

In the beginning of this year, Choppa and DJ BOOKER came together to work on a new kind of joint endeavor. There are just seven tunes on The Chosen Ones, yet it has already produced a few smash singles, like “MEM” and “Purge On Em.” This comes as a follow-up to his new album, Cottonwood 2, which was released the previous year.

The one bad word challenge is being participated in by NLE Choppa’s kid. What are your thoughts on this? Which of the rappers’ renditions of the video do you think has been the most hilarious up to this point? Share your thoughts with us in the comment area below.


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Written by Anthony Peters