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Drake Shows Collaborator Nickelus F Love After Interview Praise

Drake Shows Collaborator Nickelus F

Drake referred to Nickelus as “one of his idols.”

As far as practically any indicator is concerned, Drake is among the most popular musicians in the whole globe.Drake shows collaborator Nickelus F love after interview praise.

His credibility has been called into doubt on several occasions despite the fact that there is no one in the rap game who can possibly compete with him at the moment in terms of sales.

During an interview that took place a month ago, Yasiin Bey was questioned about his musical compositions.

He characterized the sound of the rapper known as “First Person Shooter” as being more pop than rap, citing the fact that it is the type of music that one might hear while shopping.

This led in a few reactions from Drake and his supporters, and in the end, Bey issued an apology for her actions.

Within the context of a recent interview, one of his most long-standing partners was questioned on the now-famous rapper. Before he became popular, Nickelus F collaborated with Drizzy on mixtapes, and he was questioned about the rapper’s writing game.

In his response, he asserts that the writing is still “sharp.” Due to the fact that he left a remark on the page, it is evident that Drake appreciated the praise and continues to have a passion for the work that he did with Nickelus.

One of his comments, which says, “Forever one of my idols,” has received more than five hundred likes since it was first posted the day before yesterday. In the following Instagram post, you can see the interview as well as the reaction remark.

There is still a significant amount of streaming activity for both For All The Dogs and its companion EP Scary Hours 3. On the Hot 100 chart, there are still a number of tracks that were released from the projects.

Just now, Drake has released the music video for his collaboration with Sexyy Red and SZA, which is titled “Rich Baby Daddy.” It was a reference to Red’s actual pregnancy that was used in the music video. An approach known as discovered footage was used, in which the individuals involved played out the role of a family and responded in real time to Red’s water breaking.

Towards the conclusion of the video, there is a humorous scene in which Red and SZA are shown dancing with her newborn kid. More than seven and a half million people have seen the movie since it was uploaded around one week ago.

In a recent interview, one of Drake’s first collaborators praised his pen game. What are your thoughts on Drake’s answer to this praise? Share your thoughts with us in the comment area below.


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Written by Anthony Peters