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TikTok announces first visionary voices list for Black History Month

TikTok unveiled its inaugural Visionary Voices list, recognizing 15 Black creators on the app for their cultural impact on and off the platform.

The honorees include social media creators, musicians, small-business owners and educators.

The list is a part of TikTok’s Black History Month programming, which will also include music playlists, themed TikTok Live sessions, special hashtags for Black creators and in-person events to celebrate #BlackTikTok in Los Angeles.

“Our first-ever Visionary Voices List recognizes 15 Black creators who are innovators in their fields, using TikTok to educate, entertain, and advocate for the Black community while making a significant impact both on and off the platform,”
the company announced

Here is the list of visionaries TikTok has spotlighted for their impact on the culture, online and off.

Participants have been chosen in three categories – Creators, Small Owned Businesses, and Industry Disruptors.

Throughout the month, TikTok will highlight the work of these creators, as part of a broader showcase of what can be achieved via TikTok community and connection, and how these innovators are using the platform to best effect.

TikTok’s also hosting a #BlackTikTok in-app hub, where it will highlight inspiring stories from creators and Black-owned businesses, while it’s also looking to showcase music from Black creators, with a new #BlackMusic showcase.

TikTok will also host a range of live-streamed events, featuring musicians, artists and more, which will culminate in a 6-hour livestream to celebrate ‘Black culture, creators and the endless gift of Black talent on our platform’.

Finally, TikTok will also be hosting a selection of in-real-life events to celebrate the #BlackTikTok community.

Celebrating Black creators is an important focus for TikTok, not just because of the significant influence these users can have over key trends, but also due to TikTok’s past relationship with Black creators, which hasn’t always been great.

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Written by Jamil Johnson