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Missing Michigan Rappers Found Dead. Bodies Recovered from Detroit

Bodies of three Michigan rappers who went missing eleven days ago have been recovered from a Detriot apartment. The rappers had gone missing shortly after the cancellation of a rapping gig at a night club. Police have not yet officially confirmed the identities of the dead bodies, but sources privy to the matter have revealed them to be the three missing rappers, DailyMail has reported.

Montoya Givens, 31, Dante Wicker, 31, and Armani Kelly, 28, had gone missing shortly after cancellation of a scheduled performance at a night club, Lounge 31, at Detroit on January 21. Their dead bodies have been recovered by Michigan Police from a vacant apartment in Highland Park area.

A car belonging to one of the deceased rappers was recovered by police last week from a 15-year-old in Michigan, however, it is unclear how the teenager acquired possession of the vehicle.

A Michigan Police Lieutenant Mike Shaw has told Daily Mail that the apartment where the bodies were recovered from is not operational but is frequented by “a lot of squatters.”

Sources close to the police have told NYPost that the bodies were buried in debris inside the basement of the building. The source also claims the men were shot dead before being buried.

Armani “Marley Whoop” Kelly, and Dante “B12” Wicker were scheduled to perform at a birthday party at Lounge 31, a Detroit Lounge but the performance was cancelled due to “an equipment issue”

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Written by Aliyah Collins