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9-year-old genius graduates from Pennsylvania high school

According to WGAL, on February 4, he recently received his diploma from Reach Cyber Charter School, and he told the outlet that he wants to go on to study to be an astrophysicist after schooling.

The wunderkind took online classes from his home, and especially enjoyed his studies in science and computer programming.

It took the boy genius less than three years to get his diploma, and he graduated with a GPA of more than 4.0.

“I want to be an astrophysicist, and I want to study black holes and supernovas,”

David excitedly said

Taking remote classes from home, David’s parents were able to see firsthand how smart and passionate he was about science, learning, and computer programming.

The star student started his high school classes right before the pandemic shut schools down, and he continued to take his courses virtually until he had the required credits to graduate.

Both of David’s parents have advanced degrees — but they admit it’s challenging to raise a son who is so gifted intellectually.

David’s parents are now trying to find a college that’s the right fit for their young son after he completes a semester at Bucks County Community College, and they’re considering Ivies including Princeton, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania.

They’re both hesitant to send such a young child to a large campus with older students.

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Written by Jamil Johnson