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Woman Yells In The Face Of A Black Man For Not Using Headphones, Igniting A Debate

lady screams at a Black man who is playing music

An Asian lady screams at a Black man who is playing music and not wearing headphones on a San Francisco bus. She’s Intentionally Provoking Him’: Video of Asian Woman Barking at Black Man on San Francisco Bus for Listening to Music Without Headphones Sparks Debate Over Personal Space

Lady screams at a Black man who is playing music. An Asian lady screaming like a dog at a Black man on a San Francisco bus for playing music and not wearing headphones has triggered a social media controversy about personal space and loudness in public.

The lady can be seen on video continually barking with a high-pitched bark and teasing the man, who sits impassively in his seat, staring at the woman. As the man proceeded to capture the interaction, she rose and growled in his face. An observer also captured the bizarre encounter on video.

The video was posted on X, previously known as Twitter, under the user Asian Dawn, with the statement, “Asian woman barks at a man for playing music without headphones on the Muni in San Francisco.” On X, the video has been seen over 720,000 times.

Over the man’s music, the woman’s high-pitched barking and howling could be heard, and one man looked to have had enough and walked to the front of the bus while the man listening to his music yelled, “Get the f—k out of my ear, b—h.”

“What are you going to do?” said the lady. “Beat me up?”

She questioned the man what she was doing after he asked her what she was doing and continued to bark.

Social media users on X and Instagram reacted to the video. Several commenters praised the lady for standing up to the man for listening to music without headphones. Many others, however, were irritated by her loud, high-pitched barking and responded that she had invaded his personal space.

“Playing music and talking on cellphones on public transportation is rude,” one user, X, said. Another user commented that the woman’s barking was far louder than the man’s music.

Another Instagram user pointed out that the lady was possibly putting the man in danger by taunting him.

“She is purposefully provoking him.” ‘Are you going to strike me?’ she inquired. She’s deliberately attempting to persuade him to strike her… “Before she got into this man’s personal space, she was howling/barking at people getting off the bus or walking past her,” one witness claimed.

Another user mentioned that things may have gone wrong for both sides. “It’s a shame people can’t concentrate on their problems.” “Ma’am, keep your eyes on your paper.”


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