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Shannon Sharpe Rips Mike Epps To Shreds For Spreading Rumors That Shannon Could Be Gay

The lie is something that Shannon Sharpe dislikes.

In recent times, Shannon Sharpe has successfully captured several strays, including Mike Epps. During his appearance at a comedy gig, Epps brought up Shannon and the famed Club Shay Shay podcast he had previously hosted.

The things that have been said about Epps on the program seem to have generally caused him a great deal of distress.

However, despite Sharpe making none of these statements, Epps continued to speak negatively about the NFL star on several occasions. And Epps went so far as to suggest that Sharpe was homosexual.

Shannon Sharpe, that n***a, contacted me and attempted to interview with me. “I told Medea, ‘No, I ain’t not interview with you,’ so you can sit across from me and observe my balls,” Epps stated. “I’m not going to do any interview with you.”

Shay Shay is the name of the n*gga that is informing you that the n***a sh*t is named. Put a wig on that motherf*cker, and then tell me if it isn’t Madea’s sister being a motherf*cker. Shannon was aware of these statements and would not have been pleased with them in the slightest.

During the episode of Nightcap that aired the night before, he became quite angry at Epps. He even threatened to release DMs. Without a doubt, he had plenty of time.

It’s not something I like doing, but if you mention my name again, I will send you a direct message. However, you are lying.

All of that other stuff is entirely irrelevant to me. You may claim that I am homosexual… That doesn’t matter to me at all. “Because I choose not to pursue a lie.” However, I will not allow you to lie about my name,” Sharpe said.

“I will disclose the direct message if you repeat my name simply because you lie. You are a liar since you claimed I contacted you to invite you to appear at Club Shay Shay.

Now that I see you, I will check whether you are interested. I will check to see if you are interested in expressing what you have been saying, which is that you are trying to get some jokes because you are upset. After all, Katt Williams did what he did.

Epps’s reaction to Sharpe can only be determined by time. In addition, there is always the possibility that they may argue over it on Club Shay Shay.

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