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DDG Might’ve Shaded Halle Bailey’s Parenting With Twitter Like, Fans Theorize

“Men care more about the upbringing of children than women do,” says the tweet that the person who was born and raised in Michigan liked.

They are the newest parents in Hollywood and the music business, and some fans believe there is already some animosity between them.

DDG and Halle Bailey are the parents. Furthermore, many noticed a recent tweet that he liked on the social media site, which shows that he believes there is a disparity between the quality of their parenting abilities.

According to the message, “Men care more about the upbringing of children than women do,” and this was something that several followers considered to be quite upsetting.

Fans believe that the rapper should be more overtly supporting the singer and actress on social media. Not only is this remark arguable, but it is also a statement that fans will disagree with.

In addition, this is likely to spark much discussion among fans on whether or not this implies what they believe it does.

Once everything is said and done, DDG has the right to like anything he likes on Twitter, and he could consider it to be something that has nothing to do with Halle Bailey in particular.

Even if it is the consequence of overt mining for juicy and scandalous events, we cannot dispute that it is not the most excellent appearance. This is something that we cannot refute.

Following a significant amount of time spent at home, the two came out to attend the Grammy Awards; it is time for them to return to the world of celebrities in peace.

“I am a father. DDG announced his new bundle of joy with Halle Bailey in a video that was uploaded on YouTube. “I’m a dad, y’all,” he said. “I have a son; this is a baby boy.”

It is a newborn baby. Even though he was born the previous year, we were waiting for the appropriate moment to break the news or whatever it was precisely essentially.

Given all of the stories that have been going around about it, he joked that fans had to start working as detectives. “There has been much speculation,” he said. “This is a blessing; I love him so much,” she said.

He and he are just vaguely familiar with one another. Not much is known about each other. It is a different sensation, yet I love him so much that it is hard to describe.

During this time, Chloe’s musical partner disclosed that her boyfriend was the one who came up with the name Halo for their impending child.

Regarding this new period of their existence, there will undoubtedly be more to unpack than they have already done. I hope that Twitter is not as accurate as it seems regarding the amount of support between them.

On that note, stay updated on Hardknocknews for the latest updates on DDG and Halle Bailey.

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