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Tyrese Explains How Songs About His Exes Led To His Fiancee Breaking Up With Him

It seems that Tyrese’s girlfriend insisted that he call off the release of his new album.

Tyrese has said that his fiancee, Zelie Timothy, ended their relationship because of some “dumb sh*t.”

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the singer provided an explanation that Timothy had ordered that he cancel his new album, Beautiful Pain because the record contains songs that had been written about his ex-wife.

As he addressed the audience, he said, “My lawyers, my managers — everybody is pissed.” Even though I just launched my double album today, it will only be accessible for ten hours.

In the caption, he explained: “… My Super Bowl plans are f****d.. power outage in my neighborhood, so I’m going at me,” he stated.

“And Zelie and I recently ended our relationship because of some stupid s**t… Keep this in mind. She insisted that I scrap my album since it has an excessive number of tracks about my ex-boyfriend. What the hell does it even really mean?

Some of his followers did not agree with the drama that was taking place in the comments area of his article. “Tyrese, we aren’t going on this emotional rollercoaster with you and your girlfriend. You all will be back together tomorrow,” a single person said.

“Let us go away from the group chat. But we still adore you.” The artist was backed by another individual who said, “He is still hurting from the separation or divorce with his wife.” He has been experiencing agony for some time now.

With your music, I hope that we can be able to recover together. He is amazingly gifted as an artist but also a human being. Look at the following for Tyrese’s comprehensive explanation of the problem.

Samantha Lee was Tyrese’s former spouse, and they were married from 2017 to 2020. Before filing for divorce, they were blessed with a daughter while they were together.

Before that, he was also married to Norma Mitchell from 2007 to 2009, and they had a second child together. Similarly, they had one kid together before they divorced.

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