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Nelly Knocks Tooth Out In Vegas, Ashanti Clowns Him For It

Nelly's tooth mishap in Vegas prompts laughter

Nelly’s tooth mishap in Vegas prompts laughter from Ashanti, raising questions about their relationship dynamics.”Where are the spares?” Ashanti inquired about it.

Over the last several weeks, Nelly and Ashanti have been generating a lot of news due to reports that Ashanti is expecting a child. Having reunited after a period of around ten years, the two individuals seem to be more close than they have ever been.

Their love for one another is typically shown by extravagant parties, lavish presents, and other means.

Fans are eager to see it, and they were quick to point out what seemed to be a developing baby bulge during a concert in Miami earlier this month. Fans have been interested in seeing it.

It seems that Ashanti is not the only one popping, which is a somewhat unfortunate development. Nelly discloses in a new video clip that he lost one of his bottom front teeth when he was on his way to enjoy some Super Bowl celebrations.

The incident occurred while he was on his way! Evidently, his first inclination was to contact Ashanti and inform her of the situation; but, she was not able to provide him with much assistance.

In point of fact, she was hardly able to restrain her laughing for the requisite amount of time to provide her partner with some advice.

She questioned him, “Where are the spares?” when she was on the verge of crying. On the other hand, he responded with a jest, “You better shut the f*ck up,” expressing his irritation that his issue was not being treated more seriously.

“I ain’t got no goddamn spare teeth!” he continued the statement. To our good fortune, Ashanti has made it quite obvious that the fact that he just lost a tooth does not have any bearing on how she feels about him. “Do you still love me?” It was Nelly who inquired about her, and she responded with “Yes, of course.”

What caused Nelly’s tooth to fall out, and whether or not he ever managed to get his hands on a replacement tooth, is not entirely apparent at the time this article was written.

I was wondering what your thoughts were on Nelly knocking out his teeth in Vegas. What do you think of Ashanti making fun of him over the accident?

Do you believe that he got his hands on the spares at any point? Please leave your feedback in the comments area below, and be sure to check back with Hardknocknews for any updates or information.


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