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Ice Spice Performs At Fanatics Super Bowl Party, Is Roasted By Michael Blackson

Ice Spice's Performance at Fanatics Super Bowl

Ice Spice’s Performance at Fanatics Super Bowl Party Draws Mixed Reactions, Sparking Controversy with Michael Blackson Critique. Blackson did not like the performance that the young rapper from the Bronx performed.

Ice Spice’s performance at Michael Rubin’s Fanatics Super Bowl party left Michael Blackson wondering and disappointed. Blackson was apprehensive about the performance.

Blackson stated on Instagram, “Tell the frozen spice girl to stop singing to me, I have a dashiki that is older than her.” Blackson was referring to Blackson’s own dashiki.

In addition to that, he uploaded film of Spice rapping and twerking, rotating the camera to catch his worried look.

In the comments section, a great number of admirers were quick to criticize Spice. “I take it that she is a stripper who has a microphone. “Did you get it?” a hater claimed.

“Imagine your music being so trash you have to show your nakedness so we can forget that your music is trash,” another person said.

Additionally, Quavo and Travis Scott were among the artists that appeared at the event. As a yearly custom, Rubin is the one who organizes and hosts the gathering. All of this is leading up to the LVIII Super Bowl.

Later today, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will compete against one other. In addition, there will be a Halftime Show that will be headlined by Usher during the event. In addition, the 49ers are a very minor favorite going into the game, but it is anticipated that the game will be a tight contest.

Finally, the complete version of Starry’s Super Bowl commercial starring Ice Spice has been released. While Spice is getting rizzed up by the two animated mascots of the beverage company, her “ex-boyfriend” makes an appearance in the advertisement in an attempt to earn back the respect of the rapper. After she would not accept him, the man’s head exploded in a fountain of soda, which was a terrifying sight.

An advertisement with the title “It’s Time to See Other Sodas” was released on February 2nd. On the other hand, contrary to what certain gossip websites believe, the advertisement did not disclose any information about the rapper’s genuine romantic relationships.

However, this is not Spice’s first promotional partnership with a food or beverage company. She was already featured in advertisements for Dunkin’ Donuts before she began doing Super Bowl commercials. Spice collaborated with Ben Affleck to market her limited-time trademark drink at the coffee chain. This promotion took place in the previous year.

On September 12, the very first advertisement for the Ice Spice Munchkins Drink was released at the Video Music Awards. Spice and Ben Affleck, who is a bonafide Boston Boy, attempted to come up with creative titles for Spice’s trademark drink in a manner that might be described as a meta advertising.

There is a humorous little bit in which Affleck uses his Southie accent to the fullest extent possible, and Spice, who is not pleased, plays the role of his straight lady.


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