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Drake Takes A Victory Lap After Winning Super Bowl Bet, Fans Call Him “Zesty” For It

Drake Takes A Victory Lap After Winning Super Bowl Bet, Fans Call Him "Zesty" For It

On Sunday night, Drake was victorious in a significant way.

Drake is the kind of person that enjoys betting anytime he gets the opportunity to do so. In general, he was presented with a remarkable chance to accomplish just that not too long ago given that it was the Super Bowl.

On the other hand, he decided to pursue a different course of action rather than constructing a parlay, as other individuals might do.

He kept things simple and bet simply on the Kansas City Chiefs to come out on top.

 He placed a wager of more than one million dollars on the game, which would eventually result in a double of his money if they were successful.

The rapper made the observation that he was unable to wager against the Swifties, which is ultimately the reason why he selected the Chiefs.

There was a major game that took place last night, and it was possibly one of the finest Super Bowls that has ever taken place. It’s true that the first half was relatively dull, but the second half was spectacular, with both sides playing each other to the best of their abilities.

Due to the fact that the game eventually went into overtime, the Chiefs were able to pull off a victory that was quite remarkable. The fans were unable to believe that Patrick Mahomes was able to take control of the game and win the Super Bowl for himself for the third time.

Having said that, Drake was able to achieve a significant victory on Stake as a result of the triumph, and he made sure to celebrate after the game.

In the video that can be seen above, Drake makes a statement to one of the owners of Stake, stating that he would want to get his money as soon as possible.

On the other hand, in typical online form, Drizzy was instantly criticized for his expression of “zesty.” In the comments area of Akademiks, a fan posed the question, “Why does he always reset to duck lips after uttering a word out?”

“Bro I don’t think he joking anymore he’s really zesty,” another person said. It should come as no surprise that there are some fans out there who are really cruel in their treatment of the artist. However, Drake has recently won more than one million dollars, therefore he is laughing at those who are critical of him.

You must have seen the Super Bowl, no? In that case, how satisfied were you with the outcomes? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments area below.

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