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Chrystul Kizer Arrested in Louisiana After Weeks on the Run

Chrystul Kizer Arrested in Louisiana After Weeks

Chrystul Kizer Arrested in Louisiana After Weeks on the Run. In 2018, Wisconsin’s Chrystul Kizer, 23, was charged with murder, arson, theft, and other charges for killing her accused rapist, Randall Phillip Volar III, 34.

Kizer had more legal issues in January while on bail awaiting trial. She was charged with disorderly conduct in Milwaukee and four bail-jumping counts in Kenosha. An alleged unnoticed address change led to one bail jumping charge.

“Chrystul Kizer’s arrest highlights the urgent need to address systemic sexual violence and survivors’ legal protections.” – Lawyer.

After nearly two weeks on the run, U.S. Marshals caught Kizer in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, with the guy she accused of raping her during a domestic disturbance call.

Kizer filed a Milwaukee violence complaint in January against David Melton, 47, for assault and attempted rape. The scene was chaotic when police arrived. Police say Kizer argued and threatened Melton, a sex offender.

Kizer allegedly hit Melton in the face in front of cops. After being arrested for a misdemeanor, she was freed. Kenosha County prosecutors eventually added felony charges for the same incident.

Kizer and Melton were arrested by federal agents in a parking lot. She risks extradition to Wisconsin for her allegations.

At 16, Volar allegedly sexually abused Kizer, starting her difficult life. Volar, who allegedly made child sexual abuse videos, forced Kizer into prostitution and assaulted her.

Kizer shot and burned Volar at 17 before fleeing in his automobile. Police accuse Volar of molesting several Black minors.

In July 2022, the Wisconsin Supreme Court authorized Kizer to utilize self-defense in her murder prosecution, citing a law that protects human and child sex trafficking victims.

Kizer was freed pretrial after nearly two years in jail thanks to victim’s rights groups who contributed $400,000 for her defense. However, Kenosha County wants to raise her bail to $1 million.

Kizer’s story illustrates the complications of self-defense claims and criminal justice survivor treatment throughout legal battles.

The arrest of Chrystul Kizer offers a significant opportunity for reflection and action. Her tale shows that criminal justice system reforms are needed to protect sexual assault survivors and punish abusers. It questions whether existing legal frameworks can handle intimate partner violence and exploitation, especially in vulnerable communities where systemic impediments to justice are greatest.

And Kizer’s narrative shows how gender-based violence and racial injustice are linked. As a young Black woman, she faces interlocking forms of oppression, where social norms and institutions reinforce victimhood and marginalization. Her experiences show how institutional racism and sexism disproportionately affect Black women and girls, who are generally ignored in gender violence and inequality conversations.

Survivors like Chrystul Kizer show resilience and resistance to institutional failings. Her courage and dedication to justice encourage others to fight sexual violence and oppression.

We must act on Chrystul Kizer’s arrest’s ramifications.

Chrystul Kizer’s story is a powerful call to action for structural change that requires our constant commitment and solidarity. Let us use collective action to abolish gender-based violence and inequality in solidarity with Chrystul and survivors everywhere. Together, we can build a world where everyone lives with dignity, respect, and autonomy, free from violence and fear.


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Written by Darnell Simmons

Investigative Journalist, social analysis