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Las Vegas mother speaks out four years after a CVS drugmixup killed her unborn twins

A Las Vegas mom comes out four years after a CVS prescription mixup killed her newborn twins.

The woman’s IVF finished in 2019. NHS says IVF “is one of several techniques” for “fertility problems” conception.

The site said Timika Thomas and her husband had another in 2019 after four. Thomas had fallopian tubes removed after two ectopic pregnancies.

Using in vitro fertilization. Thomas got two fertilized eggs.

One medicine helped her “trick her body into producing enough hormones” to become pregnant.

“You have to make yourself think it’s pregnant,” Thomas told reporters. “We simulate pregnancy with many supplements.”

One prescription included a vaginal suppository, they alleged. Suppositories replaced hormone injections for Thomas.

Thomas got her medicines at CVS in North Las Vegas on an unknown day in 2019. After “two of her required doses,” Thomas was skeptical.

IVF squeezed Thomas more than normal, he said to the newspaper. Cramping increased. Very harsh. It hurt.”

Thomas read the prescription label and was shocked.

The mother told the media, “The first thing I read is it’s used for abortions,” then paused. “They killed my child. Both my kids since I transferred two embryos.”

Documents reveal that multiple North Las Vegas CVS personnel and pharmacists committed the “series of errors” that delivered Thomas the wrong prescription.

A technician who “knew the generic name for the brand prescribed by the doctor” mistyped Thomas’ prescription. A pharmacist “did not catch the error.” Next, “another pharmacist failed to counsel Thomas when she came to pick up her medication.”

Thomas told the newspaper she would have informed pharmacy staff she never used “Misoprostol or Cytotec” if asked. Finally, the issue “would have been caught.”

Thomas allegedly complained to the Nevada State Pharmacy Board. The September board hearing addressed it.

In court, Thomas recalled.

“I understand people make mistakes, but that mistake took something from me,” Thomas told the Board and two accused pharmacists.

After Tom’s testimony, the two pharmacists were “fined and suspended their licenses provisionally.” The source said that if both pharmacists stay disciplinary-free for 12 months and “take continuing education credits,” their licenses will be reinstated.

One pharmacist called it “human error.”

One pharmacist wailed, “It was just a human error, and I’m so sorry.”

In another media article, a pharmacist stated that CVS forced them to fulfill “metrics” despite staff losses and increased workload.

CVS was fined $10,000 by the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy, “the maximum amount allowed by statute.” The company was fined for “vicarious liability of the pharmacists’ errors.”

CVS Pharmacy apologized to the patient and worked with the Nevada Board of Pharmacy on the 2019 prescription error. We ensure patient wellness with stringent prescription safety. Learn from rare prescription errors to improve quality and patient safety.

Thomas feels her sorrow cannot be eased by therapy or apologies.

“All I got was sorry,” Thomas told the magazine. The 3-year statute of limitations in Nevada may preclude Thomas from suing.

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Written by Anthony Peters