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Rihanna Wears Sharp Pantaboots to Celebrate ASAP Rocky’s 34th Birthday in New York

They celebrated with a dinner date at Carbone, a tremendously renowned high-end Italian restaurant famous for its A-list celebrity guestlist and notorious spicy rigatoni.

The Harlem rapper and Rihanna went out in Manhattan with each other on Tuesday evening (October 3).

Both artists, as was to be expected, were decked up in fashionable garb as they took the stage. The rapper known as “Peso” was seen wearing baggy jeans, a pink Bottega Veneta pocketbook, and an enormous brown jacket with a sweatshirt attached to it.

He also wore a pink Bottega Veneta hoodie. Rihanna made her appearance wearing a rockstar getup that included entirely of black clothing, as is her signature. She accessorized her look with Gucci sunglasses, glittered tights, pointed-toe shoes, and a cropped bomber jacket.

RZA, who was born in May of 2022, and Riot Rose, who just made his first debut on social media last month, are both children of Rihanna and Rocky’s relationship and are the couple’s kids.

RZA was born in May of 2022, while Riot Rose just made his first appearance on social media last month. During the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show, the singer of “Diamonds” broke new ground by announcing her second pregnancy in a way that had never been done before.

She did this by displaying her expanding baby bump while performing her song, something that had never been done before.

In other news, Rocky is now putting the finishing touches on his next album, which will simply be named “Don’t Be Dumb.”

He is working really hard on this project. Even though he has not offered an official release date as of yet, the spitter has assured that the forthcoming album will be well worth the wait since it contains his “best work yet.” Despite the fact that he has not issued an official release date as of yet.

During their interview, October 2nd, the proprietors of Mercer + Prince encouraged listeners to go into the event with open expectations so that they may get the most out of it. “I’ve been really experimenting as usual, and what I like about this is that it feels like my best work yet,” he continued.

“I’ve been really experimenting a lot.” “I’ve been trying out a lot of different things.” “I want to make sure that there aren’t any ideas that have been formed in advance.

I won’t go into specifics about what you should prepare for since it’s going to happen. I just want for everyone to have the type of experience that comes naturally to them.

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Written by Anthony Peters