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Jonathan Majors Appears in Court with Girlfriend Meagan Good Ahead of Assault Trial

Majors walked into the domestic assault section of the New York City Criminal Court, wearing a brown suit and holding two books, one of which seemed to be a Bible. His lawyers and new girlfriend, actress Meagan Good, were with him.

Majors sat next to Good in the tiny, poorly lighted courtroom, staring blankly and almost in a prayer-like trance as he awaited his time to approach the judge.

During a status conference, Judge Rachel S. Pauley told actor Majors and his attorney, Priya Chaudhry, that he must keep his distance from the person who filed assault charges against him. This directive was issued as part of the Manhattan district attorney’s office’s request for a protective order.

On March 25, Majors was arrested after a domestic argument with a 30-year-old woman in New York City. The lady complained to the New York City Police Department that he had attacked her, causing minor injuries to her head and neck. She was then sent to the hospital for treatment.

Majors, who just joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has disputed the assault charges, but his career has suffered as a result of his arrest.


According to the NYPD, Majors was seized without incident and later charged with assault, attempted assault, harassment, and aggravated harassment.

During the arrest, Chaudhry maintained that her client was “completely innocent.” She expressed confidence that camera footage and witness testimony would prove his innocence, and she also said that the lady who brought the charge had recanted her statement.

Chaudhry went on to say that the lady was experiencing an emotional crisis at the time.

Jonathan Majors appears in court during a hearing in his domestic violence lawsuit in New York on Tuesday. The court said Tuesday that Majors’ case will go to trial on August 3.

On March 30, Chaudhry emailed news agencies a snapshot of text conversations she said were from the lady, claiming she was the one who used physical force against Majors.

“Please let me know whether you’re alright when you receive this. “They assured me that you will not be charged,” read Chaudhry’s texts. “They said they had to arrest you as a protocol after seeing my injuries and knowing we had a fight.”

Following Majors’ arrest in March, Variety claimed that numerous more individuals had filed abuse complaints against the actor with the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Meanwhile, Majors’ management, public relations team, and the United States Army, which canceled an ad campaign starring him, have all distanced themselves from him.

Majors was intended to feature in recurrent roles in Marvel series and films, leading up to “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty,” which was supposed to be released in 2025 but has since been pushed back to 2026.

The request for comment from HuffPost was not answered by Marvel.

In a statement released in May, almost two months after Majors was detained, Chaudhry referred to the investigation as a “witch hunt” and said that police had applied a “glaring double standard” to Majors and the lady.

The white policeman came in Mr. Majors’ face and mocked him, telling him that if he slapped Mr. Majors, he wouldn’t break his finger, Chaudhry said. This happened after Mr. Majors showed the white officer the injuries the lady had given him.

“None of the white cops present looked into Mr. Majors’ attack. And to make matters worse, the district attorney hasn’t said that she intends to press charges against the lady or even look into the matter.

After his status meeting on Tuesday, Chaudhry said in a statement to HuffPost that her team had last week given the district attorney more convincing proof that the person in question was the one who had abused Majors.

Videos showing the accuser’s crazed assault on Mr. Majors and his fleeing from her are among the evidence, Chaudry said. As a direct result of [the accuser’s] aggressive behavior, “we also provided photographs illustrating the injuries she inflicted on Mr. Majors and photographs of his clothing torn as a result.”

According to Chaudhry, she asked the district attorney to drop all charges against Majors and file a lawsuit against the person she claims attacked the actor.

On August 3, Majors is scheduled to return to court.

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