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Russell Simmons’ daughter says that her father has ‘totally changed,’ and that it has been ‘terrifying.’

For Ming, Aoki, and their mother Kimora Lee Simmons, Father’s Day appeared to bring up some tangled feelings. Each expressed resentment at the patriarch of the Simmons family.

In an Instagram story that has since been removed, the oldest daughter, Ming, 23, who graduated from New York University this year, wished her mother a happy Father’s Day rather than her father on Sunday.

Then, Russell, 65, shared images of “Happy Father’s Day” comments from his nieces Vanessa J. on his own Instagram stories.

Simmons and Angela Simmons, as well as a quotation that said, “The father you have is the perfect father for the evolution of your soul and the lessons that you needed to learn in this lifetime.”

According to TMZ, he also posted an Instagram story that has since been removed that attributed the family discord on his ex-wife Kimora.

According to the publication, Kimora went live on Instagram on Monday and said that while she has had her ex-husband banned on social media for a while, he has continued to post in a manner that seems the family is getting along.

The younger of the two girls, Aoki, who just graduated from Harvard at the age of 20, revealed FaceTime chats and text messages with her father in which the two dispute and Russell accuses Aoki’s mother having “stolen his money” and the “love of his kids” while calling Kimora a “piece of s—.”

Aoki captioned a soundless video of her father seeming to yell at her via FaceTime, saying, “This is not someone who will accept help.”

“This is just one screen recording sorry I don’t always remember to press record when he calls my friends, my boyfriend, or anyone, to get a chance to threaten and curse and go crazy.”

She also uploaded a self-portrait video in which she sobbed as she described how, despite their former closeness, many members of the family now believe that Russell has “completely changed,” and that she had several screens captures and voice memos in which Russell “doesn’t sound like a human being.” He was screaming, and, in her words, “sounding possessed.”

Later, she said in a story on Instagram that “some of us do think he’s mentally ill or experiencing [something] like dementia,” adding that “he really acts like he hates and does not know children frequently.”

Additionally, she said that he had previously been “really the best dad ever.” She referred to the change in his conduct as “a terrifying change to watch.”

The 48-year-old Kimora also shared a screenshot of a message that Aoki had sent to her father, in which she explained that she had cut off contact with him because of the panic attacks she would experience as a result of their interactions.

She also said that she had been given a “emergency medication” because of how severe her anxiety was. Kimora accompanied the screenshot with the statement, “No one should live like this,” referring to Russell’s actions as abuse.

On Monday, the fashion designer tweeted a number of tweets directed towards Russell. She said that her ex had “threatened the lives of my children.” Russell was also criticized by her for allegedly transferring his own “shortcomings and embarrassments” onto others.

The same harsh language, Kimora said. This is how you interact with the people and women around you in the world.

A request for comment from The Times was not immediately answered by Russell Simmons.

The co-founder of Def Jam Recordings, who signed hip-hop legends including the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, and Kanye West, among others, has previously faced abuse allegations.

Russell has received multiple accusations of rape and sexual assault over the last ten years. In a 2017 response to The Times, Simmons refuted the women’s accusations.

He said, “Amongst these recent narratives, there exists a spectrum of falsehoods, ranging from outright fabrications to trivial and harmful assertions.”

In order to clarify his earlier statements, he said, “I want to reemphasize without ambiguity what I have stated previously: I have never, throughout my entire existence, engaged in violence or abuse towards any women in any manner.”

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