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Leland Melvin, a NASA astronaut, discusses Black history, education, and dogs (exclusive)

In an interview with, Melvin highlighted his goal to aid youngsters in “nurturing their aspirations of exploring space.” He hopes to do this with the help of his trusty buddies, Zorro and Roux, by delivering online lessons.

Notably, Melvin has formed a crucial partnership with Varsity Tutors, allowing him to provide free lessons, showing his dedication to assisting young dreamers.

“Melvin said: We have all these kids tuning in to watch and listen to us talk about space and science, and some of them will be the next generation of explorers.”

“It’s quite exciting,” Melvin remarked, noting that the inexpensive cost enables any kind of children to join.

“Join forces as you uncover the insights hidden within the space program’s remarkable discoveries and triumphs.”

This enthralling Varsity Tutors course, set for Wednesday (June 21) at 6 p.m. EDT (2200 GMT), will teach you how to use the scientific method to pursue your own astonishing discoveries and inventions.”

Melvin, a former NFL draftee, had the extraordinary chance to go to space twice as part of the space shuttle program.

He launched into orbit for the first time on STS-122 in 2008, followed by STS-129 in 2009. Melvin previously served as NASA’s assistant administrator for education until retiring in 2014.

Melvin’s participation in a 2009 broadcast with journalist Tom Joyner, who shares his African-American ancestry, was one of the most memorable events of his space education adventure.

This special presentation celebrated the remarkable feat of two Black men, Melvin and NASA astronaut Robert Satcher, who flew in space together.

Melvin recounted the effect the broadcast had on people, with families stopping their automobiles so their children could listen to this momentous occasion, instilling in the young listeners a sense of history.

Melvin got multiple contacts with people who were motivated by the incident after going home after the broadcast. They revealed their renewed desire to study aeronautical engineering and other scientific areas, inspired by what they heard.

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Written by Anthony Peters