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Pro-Israel group could spend up to $100M to defeat Pressley and The squad in 2024

Israel Group Targets 100M dollar to Defeat

Pro-Israel Group Targets 100M dollar to Defeat Pressley and The squad in 2024. The political landscape in Boston for 2024 is shaping up with talks swirling around a pro-Israel group gearing up to spend a significant amount of money to counter members of the “Squad.” This faction, which includes Ayanna Pressley, a U.S. Representative from Massachusetts, has been vocal in critiquing Israel’s actions in the conflict with Hamas.

 Pro-Israel Group Targets 100M dollar to Defeat Pressley and The squad in 2024. Reports say, The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, commonly known as AIPAC, is reportedly planning to unleash an impressive $100 million campaign to challenge these progressive lawmakers.

Notably, these representatives have been outspoken in their criticisms of Israel’s approach in handling the war against Hamas.

A spokesperson for AIPAC has mentioned that they are currently evaluating candidates who do not align with supporting Israel, yet they have refrained from finalizing their decisions. Their primary objective is to endorse candidates who strongly back the alliance between the United States and Israel.

Representative Pressley has been actively sharing her thoughts regarding the ongoing conflict on a social media platform X. Her posts have consistently called for peace while expressing concern over the surge in antisemitism since the onset of the war. She has been deeply troubled by the loss of 1,200 lives in Israel and the hundreds taken as hostages.

Alongside Pressley, members of The Squad, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar, have thrown their support behind a congressional resolution urging a cease-fire. Currently, this resolution boasts signatures from 18 lawmakers.

In a statement posted on her official website, Pressley emphasized the moral imperative of saving lives and urged for an immediate cease-fire.

However, Tlaib, who hails from Palestinian descent and is one of the two Muslim members in the House, faced criticism from Republicans. They accused her of propagating antisemitic rhetoric.

Consequently, she was censured by the House, a serious measure just short of expulsion from Congress, which was taken against another representative earlier this month.

In 2022, both AIPAC and the United Democracy Project collectively allocated over $22 million to endorse candidates supportive of Israel, according to reports from Politico’s Massachusetts Playbook. Their concern seems to revolve around anti-Israel candidates like Pressley, especially her decision not to vote on condemning the October 7 Hamas attack.

Though the groups expressed their unease, they haven’t yet determined the specific races they intend to target in the upcoming 2024 elections. There’s no mention if they’ve conducted polls within Pressley’s district to gauge public sentiment.

A recent survey conducted by a progressive think-tank, Data for Progress, unveils an increasing preference among people for diplomatic efforts and humanitarian aid to curb violence in the conflict-ravaged region.

The poll, conducted among 1,200 likely voters from November 22 to 25, resonates with the evolving sentiments on resolving the crisis.

The spotlight on Pressley and her congressional colleagues coincides with the rising tension in cities like Boston, which have witnessed dueling protests supporting both Israel and the Palestinian cause.

This scenario has thrust leaders of esteemed universities into the limelight after facing intense scrutiny over alleged antisemitic incidents on their campuses.

A heated session involving Harvard President Claudine Gay, MIT President Dr. Sally Kornbluth, and the University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill drew attention. Magill subsequently announced her resignation, citing privilege in serving as Penn’s president, while there has been vocal support for Gay from the Harvard faculty.

As these events unfold, Harvard’s leadership remains engaged in ongoing discussions and meetings, navigating the complexities arising from the national spotlight on these incidents.


Michelle Obama did not criticize Hamas for atrocities when contacted by an Israeli Official.

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Written by Jamil Johnson