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Congressional Black Caucus and OIC of America to announce the budget for training

Caucus and OIC of America to announce the budget

Congressional Black Caucus and OIC of America to announce the budget for training. The OIC of America, in partnership with the Legislative Black Caucus, is set to unveil significant funding aimed at enhancing workforce development for African Americans and others.

Congressional Black Caucus and OIC of America to announce the budget for training. “The announcement is scheduled to take place during a news conference at the State Capitol in Harrisburg on an upcoming Tuesday”,

Philadelphia news outlets report.

The event will witness the participation of key figures including Louis King II, serving as the president and CEO of OIC of America, State Senator Sharif Street representing the 3rd District, State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta from the 181st District, and Napoleon Nelson from the 154th District.

Additionally, the presence of notable officials such as Speaker of the House Joanna McClinton and Vincent Hughes from the 7th District is anticipated.

This initiative holds a special significance as it seeks to honor the legacy of the late civil rights leader, Reverend Leon Sullivan, who established the OIC in Philadelphia around six decades ago.

The event is a culmination of ongoing efforts by OIC of America, especially after their recent commitment announced in August to expand their national endeavors. Their aim is to bridge employment gaps and focus on emerging industries, aspiring to elevate more individuals into the middle class.

Louis King II highlighted the historical importance of the Black middle class, tracing its origins back to the great migration period, spanning from 1910 to the 1970s. He emphasized the significance of addressing labor shortages during that crucial period in history.

OIC of America has recently received substantial grants, notably a $5 million grant from philanthropist McKenzie Scott and an $8 million grant from Blue Meridian Partners. The latter aims to support a re-entry program benefiting approximately 4,000 formerly incarcerated individuals in Philadelphia and ten other cities across the nation.

Looking ahead, OIC is gearing up to secure additional funding from state and federal agencies to further enhance their programs.

Presently, OIC provides training in various fields including cyber security, health care, office administration, and logistics, primarily catering to African Americans and other disadvantaged groups.

Established in 1964, OIC of America has been instrumental in establishing 25 affiliates across the United States and has provided training to over two million individuals. Reverend Leon H. Sullivan, also known as the “Lion of Zion,” instituted the 10-36 plan, encouraging members of the Zion Baptist community to contribute monthly to a fund that eventually led to the establishment of the nation’s first Black-owned shopping center—now recognized as the Sullivan Progress Plaza shopping center.

Sullivan’s commitment to advocacy extended to organizing impactful boycotts against companies that denied job opportunities to Black individuals. These boycotts yielded positive outcomes, creating employment prospects for numerous African Americans.

Notably, these actions drew the attention of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., who later adopted similar practices in his own advocacy.

Representative Malcolm Kenyatta expressed his support for OIC’s endeavors, emphasizing the crucial importance of creating an inclusive economy that benefits all Pennsylvanians, especially during times when many individuals are left behind.


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Written by Jamil Johnson