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Michelle Obama did not criticize Hamas for atrocities when contacted by an Israeli Official.

Obama did not criticize Hamas for atrocities

Michelle Obama did not criticize Hamas for atrocities when contacted by an Israeli Official. According to a female Israeli official, when she addressed former first lady Michelle Obama to openly condemn Hamas for the horrific incident involving Israeli women – including instances of rape and murder in the October 7 massacre – “All I have received from her, was silence”.

During an interview on Israel’s Channel 14, Minister for the Advancement of the Status of Women of Israel, May Golan, brought attention to Michele Obama’s strong condemnation of the abduction of 276 girls by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

                                 Michelle Obama did not criticize Hamas for atrocities when                                   contacted by an Israeli Official.

Obama initiated a hashtag campaign called #BringBackOurGirls and expressed her bewilderment over why terrorists would resort to breaking into a school dormitory in the middle of the night to prevent girls from receiving an education.

On October 7th, Golan strongly criticized women’s organizations for their silence regarding the terrible experiences endured by Israeli women and girls.

She expressed her distrust in these institutions, stating that they no longer hold any significance in his eyes.

Golan also highlighted an incident involving Michelle Obama, where she called for the return of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram. This sparked sympathy among Israelis.

However, Golan pointed out that when she approached Obama to condemn Hamas, she remained silent. Despite their efforts to engage with her, no response was received.

Upon being asked by the host if she contacted Michelle Obama for that… Golan said have asked Obama “Unambiguously”.

Golan said, “I’ll tell you more than that.” I sent her a depiction, in bona fide, sworn declaration, by individuals who told about the assortment of cut-off female organs from ladies who had been assaulted, on broken pelvises, about stunning things that … I would rather not keep on saying in the Israel media. The request has been received, as far as we know.

She isn’t in a political position; She has every right to respond. She and all of the other female celebrities have remained silent.

Michelle Obama addressed the Israeli women during her speech at New York City’s 92nd Street about a week after the October massacre.

According to The Messenger, she expressed her sympathy towards them but did not mention anything about condemning Hamas.

Obama reportedly shared her perspective as an American, mentioning her inability to comprehend the emotions of the people impacted by the events in the region.

As a mother herself, she spoke about the heartbreaking images of the young individuals who lost their lives while attending a music festival, as they were of a similar age to her daughters.

According to The Messenger, Michelle expressed that there are simply no suitable words to address such a traumatic event. Following that, Obama advised Israelis and their supporters against becoming emotionally closed off after witnessing the brutal murder and rape of their women.

She emphasized that the hope is for these horrific images to empower individuals rather than desensitize them.

Obama stressed that allowing one’s heart to harden in the face of such acts can lead to a loss of perspective and a weakening of the collective commitment to peace, which is something that must be avoided at all costs.


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