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Cornel West slams Biden for his past racism and claims that Trump is likewise unqualified on racial matters

Dr. Cornel West, the nominee for the Green Party, said on Monday that his third-party campaign is “as serious as a heart attack” and that he stands by his remarks casting doubt on President Biden’s empathy for the Black community.

However, West harshly slammed Biden’s prior associations with segregationist Democratic senators, claiming that previous President Donald Trump has likewise not been a good supporter of minorities.

He referenced Biden’s admiration for former Mississippi Sen. John Stennis, who is the namesake of the NASA Space Center close to Kiln, Mississippi, as, in 2008, Biden allegedly referred to his fellow Democrat as “a hell of a guy.”

In the meantime, at a 2019 event, Biden regaled attendees with stories from his time working with segregation-supporting senators Herman Talmadge, D-Ga., who was a fellow Mississippian like Stennis, and James Eastland.

“James O. Eastland and I participated in a caucus. The senator who had cautioned about “mongrelization” never referred to me as a “boy”; instead, he always referred to me as his “son,” said Biden.

Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey, a fellow Democrat, chastised Biden at the time, telling the Daily Mail that “you don’t joke about calling Black men ‘boys’.”

According to the New York Post, on “Hannity,” West acknowledged that he is accusing Biden of committing “crimes against humanity” against African Americans.

The professor stated that both Trump and Biden are faulty in terms of racial issues and that both parties are associated with “big money” and corruption when Hannity questioned West about black people continuing to predominantly support the Democratic Party, which West claimed is just as damaged as the GOP.

“Democrats and Republicans can agree that this is accurate. I’m referring to Brother Trump himself, as well as Biden’s relationship with Stennis and [former South Carolina Democrat turned Republican Sen. Strom] Thurmond.

We are aware of Brother Trump’s father’s ties to the Klan and of Trump’s rhetoric toward Black people, West stated.

The Washington Post stated in 1927 that 1,000 Klansmen battled with police in Queens after “two Italian men were killed by anti-fascists” in the Bronx, while the New York Times said that “Fred Trump of Devonshire Road, Jamaica [Queens], was discharged” on the same day.

God bless his soul, but we’re not talking about [Trump’s] father, West said. We’re discussing Trump personally.

The handling of the cocaine issue at the White House, which Hannity highlighted was promptly resolved, was further criticized by West.

West concurred that if narcotics were discovered there, a West administration would not receive the same ostensibly respectful treatment in the form of such a hurried conclusion.

“I want to erase poverty and homelessness for my White House, and I’ve promised my people that I won’t even go there until every American has a house. A livable wage job is what I desire.”

“Every parent has the legal right to cherish his beloved son. Your youngster just cannot receive worse protection. “

“He appeared to be referring to Hunter Biden when he remarked, “He’s got to have equal protection across the board.”

I can thus relate to the brother’s situation, but we must be able to be constructive in our critique.

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Written by Anthony Peters