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RHONJ Star, Dolores Catania Sheds 20 Lbs. with Ozempic &Mounjaro, Reveals Weight Loss Reality

Although Dolores Catania has lost 20 lbs, her weight reduction quest is not yet over.

The 52-year-old Real Housewives of New Jersey actress recently opened out about her weight reduction efforts while taking Ozempic and Mounjaro, two FDA-approved prescription drugs for persons with type 2 diabetes.

Hollywood’s newest weight reduction trends include semaglutide, popularly known as Wegovy, and tirzepatide, which both affect satiety by acting on the brain.

She told the publication, “I’m down 20 pounds,” adding that her ideal weight “is to be in the low 130s.”

She said, “I’m being realistic. “I am currently 137. I began to use it at 157.

Prior to trying the drugs and observing any effects, Catania acknowledged that she was previously “gaining weight every month” and had reached a weight of 163 lbs. It takes time to develop. It’s not simple to pull off,” she remarked.

The Ozempic medication was first administered to the Bravo star, who used it for two years until switching to Mounjaro early this year.

She said, “I took Ozempic, quit, and then started Mounjaro. I was given prescriptions for both since I have a thyroid condition and am insulin resistant/pre-diabetic.

Catania emphasized that while she’s still aiming to lose more weight on Mounjaro, pharmaceuticals like Ozempic aren’t a fast cure to reduce weight.

Instead, she should concentrate on working out, eating healthily, and limiting her alcohol consumption—apart from the wild evenings spent with her RHONJ castmates.

Due to the cost and other factors, I stopped taking Olympic. But leading a good lifestyle and being well are inexpensive and free! I routinely go to the gym. I must monitor my diet because there is no quick remedy for weight loss.

In April, Catania defended her usage of the pills, pointing out that “there are layers” to her circumstances and that she is taking them for medical needs.

In an episode of PageSix’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast, she said, “I’m going through menopause, I have a thyroid problem, I have inflammation, and weight is hard to take off.”

“And I exercise, and I don’t eat excessively, and I was putting on weight, and it’s got a lot of different layers…Just let everyone know, will we?”

Dr. Rocio Salas-Whalen, the doctor at New York Endocrinology who prescribed Catania Ozempic and Mounjaro, said that no one should determine whether someone has to take a drug like Ozempic based only on their looks.

She told the site, “Unless you’re their doctor, you don’t know their medical history whenever we visit somebody who we may believe doesn’t require the prescription. “You don’t know what medications they’re taking, you don’t know their internal health, and you don’t know the reason a patient is on this kind of medication,” the doctor said.

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Written by Anthony Peters