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“Rosa Parks Day”: CBC Asks Congress To Declare Federal Holiday For Civil Rights Icon

CBC Asks Congress To Declare Federal Holiday

CBC Asks Congress To Declare Federal Holiday For Civil Rights Icon. The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) wants December 1st to be an official holiday honoring Rosa Parks. On Rosa Parks’ 68th anniversary, the CBC urged Congress to adopt Alabama Rep. Terri Sewell’s H.R. 308.

The measure seeks to make December 1st “Rosa Parks Day,” the first federal holiday honoring a woman, with 31 CBC co-sponsors.

CBC Asks Congress To Declare Federal Holiday For Civil Rights Icon.“Rosa Parks is a martyr for equality, an icon to all, a crusader for justice. And truly, she was a phenomenal Black woman whose legacy should be revered as a hero in American history books and well beyond our borders.” – Rep. Joyce Beatty

“This is not just about Black history. It’s about American history,” emphasized Rep. Terri Sewell during a press conference, highlighting Rosa Parks’ significance in challenging segregation. Parks’ simple act of refusing to give up her bus seat catalyzed the Montgomery Bus Boycott and became a catalyst for the broader Civil Rights Movement.

Rep. Joyce Beatty of Ohio supported H.R. 308, calling Rosa Parks a “martyr for equality” and justice fighter. Beatty said, “It is past time to give Rosa Parks the national recognition she deserves.”

Nevada Rep. Steven Horsford, a Democrat and chair of the CBC, underscored the bill’s importance in the face of attempts to distort and rewrite Black history. He stressed the need to reclaim, honor, and promote Black history, particularly given recent challenges to historical accuracy.

“If the bill is passed, the federal holiday will be established in January 2024,” setting a significant milestone in acknowledging and celebrating the enduring impact of Rosa Parks on the American Civil Rights Movement.

As the CBC continues its push for the federal holiday, the significance of Rosa Parks’ courageous stand is underscored. Parks’ refusal to yield her bus seat, leading to her arrest, became a symbol of resistance against racial segregation.

Rosa Parks’ impact reverberates, with Rep. Joyce Beatty emphasizing her as an icon, crusader, and essential figure in American history. The CBC’s push for “Rosa Parks Day” stands against attempts to distort Black history and seeks to reclaim and honor a vital part of the nation’s narrative.

If H.R. 308 receives approval, January 2024 will witness the establishment of a federal holiday dedicated to Rosa Parks, a fitting tribute to a woman whose resilience reshaped the trajectory of civil rights in the United States.


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