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Karen Spits, Screams “F***ing Black People” at Black Man Amid Pro-Palestine Rally

Yells at Black Man During Pro-Palestine Protest

Karen Spits Yells at Black Man During Pro-Palestine Protest. There is a video of the incident that shows a mysterious white woman spitting on protestors, booing, and putting her middle finger up.

“I really like it when white folks confront themselves and don’t have to wait for an outsider to bring it to their attention. The only way to demonstrate how cruel and prejudiced you are is to carry out your racist activities in public so that everyone can see them”. Said the reporter.

It is a characteristic that is shared by Karens.

Karen Spits Yells at Black Man During Pro-Palestine Protest. During a pro-Palestine demonstration that took place in the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, California, where protestors were calling for a truce in the war between Israel and Hamas, Karen decided to express her sentiments.

A video of the lady can be seen on social media platforms, in which she can be seen spitting, booing, and putting her middle finger up at the protesters who are located on the top level of the shopping mall. When watching the video, it is difficult to make out all that the woman is screaming.

At the moment when she is finishing her assault that is coated with germs, a black guy approaches her and claims that she spat on his kid while they were walking by. The response that Karen gives is, “Don’t tell me what to do.”

The claim is one that she continues to reject until she is escorted away by a white guy who was with her at the time. Despite this, she utters the following words to the black guy before she departs: “F—-ing Black people!”

One of the witnesses said “Stupid! What actions did he take? What was the point of her saying that?! He was only sharing the news with her that she had spat on his daughter.” If someone were to spit on them, much alone their daughter, I’m fairly confident that every single human being on the globe would be furious. I don’t know about you, but I’m very sure that everybody would be angry. Why, therefore, do you single out persons of African descent?

The one who was filming the video had an issue with the reaction, and they yelled out, “What you say, why are you doing that?”

The media said an investigation into the event is presently being conducted by the San Jose Police Department, which issued the following comment to the media: “The incident was never reported to us, but we have initiated an investigation into the incident.” We have not yet finished examining the evidence, but we will come back to this topic if there are any noteworthy developments.

To this day, the name of the lady has not been disclosed to the audience. Investigators who focus on social media will, without a doubt, find out very quickly.


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