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Keke Palmer’s Mother, Sharon Palmer, Goes Into An Argument With Darius Jackson In An Explosive Audio Clip

Keke Palmer's Mother Sharon Palmer

Keke Palmer’s mother Sharon Palmer goes Into An Argument With Darius Jackson In An Explosive Audio Clip. Keke submitted a petition for a restraining order, and Darius retreated from social media.

Keke Palmer’s Mother Sharon Palmer goes Into An Argument With Darius Jackson In An Explosive Audio Clip. Sharon Palmer, the mother of actress Keke Palmer, was on the receiving end of a passionate phone conversation made at Darius Jackson, the father of Keke’s baby, according to a recent audio clip that was acquired by DJ Akademiks. Sharon Palmer did not hold back in her anger.

Several topics were discussed throughout the conversation, one of which was the public humiliation of Keke by Darius and his family. Usher’s participation was specifically mentioned during this interaction.

Darius’s decision to openly criticize the attire that Keke wore to attend Usher’s performance on social media helped to create the dispute, which ultimately led to the breakup of the group.

Sharon is heard on the audio recording expressing her strong disdain for the public humiliation that Darius and his family have committed. She does it with a lot of passion. In addition, she expresses her disapproval of Usher by stating, “Usher is gay,” and she defends Keke’s choice of attire.

Directly, Sharon calls Darius a “limp d*ck motherf*cker” and accuses his family of having a lack of business knowledge.

Darius Jackson has deactivated both his Instagram and Twitter pages as of November 15 as a result of the controversy that has been sparked by the audio leak.

An already intense court struggle between Sharon and Darius is further fueled by the audio, which depicts Sharon confronting Darius about the allegations that he mistreated Keke.

According to Keke’s mother, she made an effort to keep the peace since she had a hunch that Darius was struggling with “mental problems.”A stern warning is issued by Sharon at the end of the audio recording, and she implies that she may take more action against him.

In the month that just passed, Keke submitted a petition for a restraining order, alleging many incidents of claimed abuse, such as a near-car accident, trespassing on her property, and physical assaults.

It is now forbidden for Darius Jackson to come within one hundred yards of his parents after a court decided to award the former member of “True Jackson” a temporary restraining order and temporary exclusive custody of their kid, who is eight months old.

In addition, the ruling places limitations on visiting privileges, and a hearing is set to take place on December 5 to decide whether or not more legal steps would be taken.

In her statement, which was included with the request for a restraining order, Keke Palmer describes many incidents of physical aggression. She backs up her claims with screenshots from surveillance video. The legal drama continues.

The prolonged court struggle sheds light on the complicated and acrimonious relationship that existed between the couple who had previously been together.


Keke Palmer Granted Restraining Order and Full Custody in Abuse Case
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