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Aretha Franklin’s Sons Received Her Houses Following the Validation of Her Handwritten Will

Aretha Franklin Sons Received Her Houses

Aretha Franklin Sons Received Her Houses Following the Validation of Her Handwritten Will. A legal decision has been reached about Aretha Franklin’s estate.

Earlier in 2023, the late music legend’s sons went to trial to determine who would inherit her fortune.

                                     Aretha Franklin Sons Received Her Houses Following the                                       Validation of Her Handwritten Will.

After Franklin’s death in 2018, two handwritten wills were discovered under a couch cushion, as previously reported by the media. The first will, made in 2010, said that her son, Ted White II, would profit the most from the estate, along with her niece, Sabrina Owens, who was appointed as a co-executor with White.

Furthermore, the will said that Franklin’s sons, Kecalf Franklin and Edward Franklin, were to “take business classes and get a certificate or a degree” before being given.

Franklin’s second will, made in 2014, favored Kecalf and Edward and named Kecalf as executor rather than White. The letter also indicated that Franklin’s Bloomfield Hills house in Michigan will be granted to Kecalf and his grandkids.

Following the results, Kecalf’s attorney, Charles McKelvie, contended that the 2014 will should cancel the 2010 will since it is the more current. Kurt Olson, White’s attorney, argued that the 2010 will was signed but the 2014 will was not. According to AP News, in July 2023, a jury validated Franklin’s 2014 handwritten note as a Michigan will.

On November 27, Billboard reported that Franklin’s kids were given real estate by Judge Jennifer Callaghan. According to the report, Kecalf will receive a $1.1 million property in 2018. Furthermore, its worth has risen since then.

For White, he inherited land in Detroit, which was sold by Franklin’s estate “for $300,000 before the dueling wills had emerged.”

According to the publication, McKelvie stated that White “is requesting the sale proceeds.”

According to the publication, Edward was also given one extra property in the 2014 will.

While property has been legally handed to Franklin’s sons, one of the homes worth more than $1 million is alleged to be in the process of being auctioned. Furthermore, the income will be divided among the four boys.

“This was a significant step forward,” McKelvie added. “We’ve narrowed the remaining issues.”

The question that remains, according to the site, is how to handle Franklin’s musical holdings, “though the will appears to indicate that the sons would share any income.”

In January 2024, Judge Callaghan will convene a status conference.


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