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Fort Worth Settles with Witness to Atatiana Jefferson’s Shooting: Zion Carr to Receive $3.5 Million

Fort Worth Texas approves $3.5 million

Fort Worth Texas approves $3.5 million settlement for a child who witnessed the fatal police shooting of aunt Atatiana Jefferson. The incident involving the police shooting of Atatiana Jefferson in 2019 has led to a $3.5 million settlement for Zion Carr, who witnessed the tragic event. The city of Fort Worth, Texas, announced the settlement, acknowledging the severe emotional distress suffered by Zion. The settlement, approved unanimously by the Fort Worth City Council, aims to provide financial support for Zion’s future, including education and living expenses.

Fort Worth Texas approves $3.5 million settlement for a child who witnessed the fatal police shooting of aunt Atatiana Jefferson. “ I’m delighted to help him go to college and do what his mother and aunt envisioned for him when they raised him.”- Councilman Chris Nettles

The city sees this as an opportunity to ensure that Zion can pursue the aspirations his mother and aunt had for him. Mayor Mattie Parker stated that the payment is “the right thing to do” and hopes it brings reconciliation and healing to Atatiana Jefferson’s loved ones.

Zion Carr, who was only 8 years old at the time, testified during the murder trial of former police officer Aaron Dean, the officer responsible for Atatiana Jefferson’s death. The incident occurred while Jefferson was babysitting Zion and playing video games at her home. Responding to a noise outside, Jefferson, legally armed for protection, was fatally shot by Officer Dean, who did not announce himself as a police officer.

Body camera footage revealed the officers looking through a window with a flashlight, demanding Jefferson to put her hands up before the tragic shooting. The police were at the home after a neighbor’s welfare check request, triggered by the slightly open front door. The family explained that the door was ajar to allow a cool breeze into the house.

Aaron Dean resigned from police and was charged with murder. Dean was sentenced to over 11 years in jail after Zion Carr’s testimony. Zion’s $3.5 million settlement will include lump sums for emergency needs, a college savings plan, and monthly payments until 40.

The allocation of funds focuses on providing ongoing support for Zion’s well-being, considering his long-term needs and aspirations.

Deputy City Attorney Laetitia Coleman Brown emphasized the collaborative agreement between the city and Zion’s family to ensure that the settlement amount adequately addresses his care and education.

The unanimous approval by the City Council reflects their commitment to supporting Zion through various stages of his life, acknowledging the lasting impact of the tragic incident on his mental and emotional well-being.


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