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Tragic Discovery: Missing Winter Springs Mom Found Dead in Husband’s Storage Unit

Missing Winter Springs Mom Found Dead

Missing Winter Springs Mom Found Dead in Husband’s Storage Unit. Shakira Rucker, a 37-year-old Winter Springs mother of four, has gone missing with sad circumstances. On Saturday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office verified that Rucker’s lifeless body was found in the Self-Storage facility on Wiggins Road in Apopka. The somber disclosure came when someone reported smelling something strange coming from the storage facility.

Missing Winter Springs Mom Found Dead in Husband’s Storage Unit. “My heart breaks; I can’t imagine the pain and suffering her family have been enduring this past week,” Sheriff Mina expressed, emphasizing the collective hope for a different outcome.

Primarily Rucker’s estranged husband, Cory Hill, is identified as the prime suspect of this case. To be added is Hill is already in custody at the Orange County Jail. He is facing a charge for shooting his girlfriend and her family.

Sheriff Mina remarked, “He could have stopped a lot of the pain and suffering of her family by talking to investigators in the very beginning…it’s very disappointing.”

Winter Springs Police Chief Matthew Tracht outlined the exhaustive search efforts spanning 16-18 hour days. The collaboration involved multiple agencies, including the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and Lake County deputies. Despite the comprehensive search, the tragic conclusion underscores the challenges faced in locating Rucker.

Rucker went missing on November 11, and her family grew increasingly concerned as the days passed without contact. The last known interaction with her family was when she mentioned heading home after picking up food. The tragic sequence of events unfolded with an image of Rucker and Hill at a restaurant, leading investigators to name Hill a person of interest. This designation was reinforced by an attempted murder incident involving Hill, who allegedly shot at his former girlfriend, Angel Milligan, hitting her home multiple times. Milligan recounted the harrowing experience, stating, “I heard gunfire. Two of them passed right in front of my face, and I fled screaming for my life.”

Milligan revealed that Hill had threatened her, linking the incident to Rucker. The shooting occurred hours after Rucker was last seen. Cory Hill is currently held in the Orange County Jail on multiple charges, including attempted murder.

The devastating conclusion to Shakeira Rucker’s disappearance has left the community in mourning, grappling with the loss of a beloved mother of four.


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Written by Jamil Johnson