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What are Those MSCHF’s Big Red Things Which Claim to Be Boots?

They are big. They are red. They look like they are from a cartoon show. They are divisive. But they have captured internet’s attention and they have got the world talking.

But are they really boots?

The creators of these giant red monstrosities that weigh more than a new-born babies at 3.5 pounds each and taller than most cats are MSCHF —a New York-based art collective and design studio that does not shy away from putting out bizarre-looking products.

Pictures of the MSCHF’s “Big Red Boots” have taken the internet by storm with users on TikTok and Twitter likening them to the Papa Smurf, the Anime character Astro Boy, and Dora the Explorer’s ally Boots.

MSCHF has a history of deliberately trolling popular cultural trends. They describe the Big Red Boots as “cartoon boots for a cool 3-$ world.” A press release by the brand says, “Big Red Boots are REALLY not shaped like feet, but they are EXTREMELY shaped like books.” However, in a short statement to the New York Times, MSCHF has denied that the boots are satire, “but what’s interesting is that we’re at a moment in time where it doesn’t have to be.”

The Astro Boy shoes first created social media splash when pictures of Oklahoma City Thunder guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander sporting the boots went viral, followed by a photo-shoot that featured the model, Sarah Snyder.

MSCHF are no strangers to controversy and scandal. They released a $1000 red and black “Satan Shoes” which purportedly contained a drop of blood, for which they were sued by Nike and they had to give in the shoe industry giant by buying back all the shoes at the original price from all the customers.

Notable YouTubers who produce content in the sneakers niche have also received pairs of the Big Red Boots.

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Written by Aliyah Collins